Why Some Berserk Fans Claim its Controversial First Page is Non-Canon

Warning: Contains discussions of sexual assault

Very few comics have received the respect and admiration of readers worldwide like this violentAt the center of this love is the main character of the series, Guts. Black Swordsman is a complicated character. It’s this depth that explains why some fans of the hit manga can’t reconcile the first few pages of the series with what they’ve learned about Guts since then.

Founded by Kentaro Miura in 1989, violent It was the story of the black swordsman Gus. In the first few chapters of the manga, Gus emerges as a completely unlikable protagonist. It got to the point where the only reason he could be considered a hero was because he had slain demons worse than himself. However, in the famous Golden Age of the series, readers finally learn just how ruthless Gus has become. Guts is a man who has repeatedly lost all that he cares about. While Eclipse, who eventually killed his group of mercenaries, is the most famous example of this, Guts’ trauma goes back even further. Readers learn that Guts was sexually abused as a child. Suddenly, his aversion to being touched makes sense. The ruthless and aloof personality that defined him in the opening chapters suddenly became a defense mechanism he used to protect himself from harm. All of this makes Guts a deeper character than initially suggested… which is why the beginning of the comic wasn’t added.

Berserker’s Chapter 1 begins with Guts sleeping with a woman. However, in the fall, the woman was transformed. Even though she thought she had trapped Gus in her hideous form, he turned the tide without hesitation, fired the cannonballs in his hand, destroying the monster. This prologue doesn’t establish any plot points, but serves to demonstrate that the comic book world is overrun by demons and that Gus is the one who likes to kill them. However, looking back at Gus’ history and intimate affairs, it’s hard to imagine Gus doing something like this. He can’t even touch the woman he’s really in love with, so it’s odd that he doesn’t seem to have a problem associating with a demon.

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Because of these conflicting assumptions, some fans really want to dismiss this sequence as unorthodox. This is definitely a sympathetic position. While dark and grim things often happen in violent, they rarely happen without creating some larger theme points for the characters or its world. Although the female demon reappears during the Eclipse to kill Corkus, it could have been any other demon without much change, meaning it’s entirely possible that the scene could be deleted without change. the larger story of the series. Berserker’s Many adaptations seem to agree with this, as the 1997 animated adaptation of the Golden Age part of the series even black swordsman style Episode one. It’s important to note that in a vacuum, the scene itself isn’t bad. It still carries Miura’s signature strange and beautiful artwork. Problem Berserker’s Page flips are not a matter of quality, but rather that they provide too much inconsistency for many readers.

Regardless of what one might think of the scene, it doesn’t diminish the legacy or impact of the entire series. no exaggeration on the phone violent A once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece. Kentaro Miura’s epic can be extremely violent, but it’s also very introspective and profound. Even if some readers don’t care violentbelong to With a controversial opening, the collection is undoubtedly a work of art that will be celebrated for decades to come.

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