All Sub Camp Locations in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Citadel and the Jungle both have side camps for hunters to explore and unlock in the new expansion Monster Hunter Rise, Sunbreak.

And dawnIntroduction to two localities in Monster Hunter Rises, castle and jungle, hunters now have many new locations and secrets to discover, such as sub-camps for each biome. Side camps are additional quick-travel spots on the map that provide the player with a tent where they can eat gnocchi, arrange items, trade gear, and use the friend board. The main difference between sub camps Monster Hunter Rises The main starter camp lacks a supply box and is unable to provide quest items to the sub camp.

each local Monster Hunter Rises There is a single subcamp location. So, dawnEach castle and forest contains an explorable sub-camp for hunters to find. Unlock sub camps dawn Same process as in the old locale. The player must first explore the camp’s location by actually entering the camp and getting close to the burning bonfire. A message that the camp has been found will appear as an NPC dialogue, after which the hunter must return to the El Gado outpost and complete the quest.

The Sub-Camp delivery quest requires the player to complete the objectives of Merchant Oboro, the sales NPC of the Elgado Outpost. After completing the quest, the camp will be available the next time the hunter goes to a new location Monster Hunter Rises: Sunbreak.

Where to find all the camps in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

All sub-camp locations in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Sub-camp location in the forest at MHR

First, find the sub camp in the forest Monster Hunter Rises: Sunbreakthe hunter must find a hidden place between district 8 and district 9. Here are the steps to find this camp:

  • 1: From the main camp, turn left along the beach in Zone 11 and go through the cave in Zone 7.
  • 2: When you reach area 3, turn right and find three Spiribugs on the wall leading to the hole.
  • 3: After discovering the sub-camp, return to El Gado and take the quest,”Safe camp in the forest
  • 4: Kill Hermitaurs 8/8 to unlock the sub camp.
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Citadel Sub-camp location in MHR

Next, find the castle’s subcamp Monster Hunter Rises: SunbreakHunters must stay inside Human resouces department Located in the north of District 4. Here are the steps to find a camp:

  • 1: Starting from the main camp, head north from Area 1, pass through Area 2 and enter Area 5.
  • 2: Follow the path to the gray area northeast of Area 5, and find a narrow and hidden passageway that leads to the sub camp in the canyon.
  • 3: After discovering the site’s location, return to El Gadot and take the quest,”Trai Thanh Security
  • 4: Kill Boggi 8/8 to unlock Sub Camp.

Monster Hunter Rises Available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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