Frozen’s Josh Gad Slams Backlash Against The Little Mermaid Trailer

frozen Josh Gad star speaks out about Disney backlash little Mermaid. Racial controversy surrounding reality TV little Mermaid It has come of age since Disney announced its new Ariel. The iconic princess will be played by actress and singer Chloe x Halle Halle Bailey, who is black. The backlash surrounding the film was largely shaped by racist views, as many of the comments stemmed from Bailey, not “looking” like the Ariel that viewers have come to know from the animated version. little Mermaid It is scheduled to be released on May 26.

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Replying to a tweet that solves a lot of dislikes I’ve received recently little Mermaid The trailer has been accumulating on YouTube, and Gad denounced the backlash allegedly fueled by racism. He calls his opponent “casting”broken and pathetic“Because they’re worried”Color…a fictional singing mermaid

Why does the mermaid jump back

As explained in the tweet leading up to Gad’s comment, the latest trailer little Mermaid It has over 3 million likes on YouTube. little MermaidThe long-awaited official trailer was recently released at this year’s Oscars, rekindling excitement and uproar for the film. After the trailer was posted online, opponents turned back in favor of the trailer. Some dislikes may come from people who simply don’t want to see other people little MermaidBut this comment bombing often happens around projects that promote diversity.

Gard isn’t the first Disney star to defend Bailey little Mermaid critic. Bailey’s co-stars, as well as other well-known celebrities, have voiced support for the actor playing the role of Lin Yichen. Jodi Benson, voice actor for the 1989 animated version little Mermaidand even voiced support for Bailey joining the live-action adaptation.

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There are many other factors that need to be opened little Mermaid trailers, such as underwater scenes and special effects. Unfortunately, racist rhetoric is back in the spotlight. With so much hate for the cast, people are starting to wonder what the live-action Mermaid adaptation will be when it hits theaters this spring. Let’s hope the overwhelming disgust doesn’t lead to a box office flop little Mermaid.

source: Josh Gad/Twitter

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