Twilight Movie’s Creepy Baby Doll Might Actually Be Haunted

Spooky doll as Bella Swan’s half-human half-vampire daughter, Renesmee The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, is said to be haunted. “Chuckesmee,” because she was a little sweet on set, terrified quite a few cast and crew members during filming. Renesmee at Sunset The book depicts a particularly beautiful child growing up at an unbelievable rate – thus prompting the producers to create a doll for the character instead of using a real child.

After the film was released, the first look at the Renesmee doll behind the scenes was rewarded. Her creepy features went viral on the internet and became hilarious memes, but some people found the doll’s “motions” more intimidating than amusing. Breaking Dawn – Part 1 & 2Director Bill Condon was so appalled by the doll’s head movement on set that he abandoned its use altogether in favor of a digital baby (though the main creepy feature still remains). still). The doll is currently on display in Forever, WA in the Fox Chamber of Commerce Forever Twilight series, featuring many props from Sunset.

Jezebel The Renesmee doll is said to have a strange effect on people, causing her to be handled so often that she has to be stored in a display case. TikTok user abbie23456789 said she was told the doll was haunted while visiting the Forever Twilight collection. The doll’s melted skin (which the curators had no idea what it was made of) made her wet to the touch. scariest However, the report on “Chuckesmee” is that her socks are dirty – as if she were walking around outside. Apparently, she also changes sides often. One day she can stand upright, and the next day, she will stand in a different way.

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TikTok user abbie23456789 also said a Fox Forever Twilight Collection employee told her that things near the doll’s box tend to move mysteriously. The doll is notable for its role in the film, but also for its creepy reputation – it is the most popular item in the Twilight series. While some people love it, others “Hate her gut,” As Lissy Andros, executive director of the Fox Chamber of Commerce, put it Jezebel. Ironically, the doll has actually courage. She’s designed with an animated gut that makes her weigh about 35 pounds, which is roughly the weight of a real four-year-old.

Of course, there are plenty of dolls that are said to be haunted, but what makes “Chuckesmee” particularly eerie is her figure and makeup. After all, she was made to appear on the screen like a real child. It’s hard to say if she’s really cursed. But whether her socks have been stained by a tourist bump or by a late-night escape at an exhibition in the surrounding museum, all is safe to say. Sunset Fans will feel a little safer knowing she’s covered.

Source: Jezebel

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