Evil Dead Rise First Reactions Praise Gnarly & Blood-Soaked Gore Fest

evil death rises Having just premiered, critics said the sequel was rough, dirty, and very, very bloody. After Fede Álvarez’s successful reboot in 2013, director Lee Cronin took over evil death rises, the sequel to Sam Raimi’s trilogy, swaps the franchise’s iconic bungalow in the woods for a cramped Los Angeles apartment complex. The new film follows two estranged sisters, played by Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan, surrounded by flesh-eating demons born from an ancient book.

ahead evil death rises Coming out next month, the film premiered at SXSW, and critics have now shared their first enthusiastic reactions to the new film. The sequel is said to have a darker tone than the 2013 reboot, while still respecting the original trilogy. Most critics also seem to agree that the film’s gore, gore, and killing make for a shocking yet enjoyable experience. Check evil death rises The following response:

What Evil Dead Rise’s response means for the future of the franchise

Firstly evil death The 1981 film garnered a strong following despite its modest budget, establishing Remy as a formidable force of directors. His next two films were also wildly successful, but the series would not run from 1992 to 1992. Dark Legion and reboot 2013. Even though it’s 2013 evil death It certainly has fans, and is arguably an interesting, refreshing entry in a series where a direct sequel has never been a hit.

evil death rises Unrelated to the reboot, billed as a sequel to the original trilogy, the positive first response suggests that the future of the series could be bright. It remains to be seen how the film is received by general audiences, but it could pave the way for more sequels. scream The franchise most recently hit it off with last year’s “sequels,” which combine old and new elements to appeal to both old and new fans. It’s definitely possible evil death rises will have the same effect.

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should evil death rises If it succeeds at the box office, it could create a sequel that can have more connections to the original series. While former franchise star Bruce Campbell says he’s done playing Ash Williams, the actor has appeared in a secret cameo in the latest sequel, while Raimi, who continues to be producer of the franchise, said Hope Campbell will reprise the role. in any case, evil death rises Definitely a worthy addition to the much-loved brand.

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