90 Day Fiancé: Kara Reveals What Job Guillermo Does For A Living

new fiance 90 days The Calabasas star recently revealed that Guillermo Roger has two part-time jobs in the US. The 29-year-old reality star is best known for appearing in season 9, in which she married her 24-year-old Venezuelan boyfriend. The couple first met during Kara’s business trip to the Dominican Republic and fell in love quickly. One thing leads to another, and the two decide to settle in America and take their relationship to the next level. During the show, fans found that the two faced many problems such as personality differences and age gap. However, they eventually succeeded and tied the knot.

Carla and Guillermo have lived happily in the United States since their marriage. Not only do they have a healthy relationship with each other, but they are also expecting a baby. A few weeks ago, the expectant mother revealed on social media that her pregnancy was a complete surprise. fiance 90 days The star then shared that she had tried to regulate her fertility through her body temperature but failed.

Kara has posted a lot of social media posts to keep her fans happy. In a recent Instagram story, she told her that fiance 90 days Viewers can ask her any question as she is ready for some “Chat Sunday.” Many fans were quick to ask interesting questions, including one asking her about Guillermo’s employment status in the United States. One fan wrote, “What does your husband do?” Kara quickly responded to her followers by saying, “Now he has two jobs.” She added that her husband was at “sales volume“and put your time in it”Hospitality. ‘ she responded with a sparkling emoji, seemingly implying that she’s proud of her boyfriend’s hard work.

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Cara also talked about her pregnancy and updated her fans about the baby. When a follower asks her “expiration date,” this fiance 90 days The season 9 star replied, “November 27.” That means the couple are less than three months away from welcoming their baby. In another response, the Virginia native answered a fan asking if she was planning on getting an epidural. Kara replied to her fans that she is “Giving birth in a midwifery center” Epidural anesthesia is not provided.

During Cara and Guillermo’s time on the show, most viewers thought they were cute. However, some critics did not like the fact that Kara repeatedly treated her man like a child. Luckily, this duo has one of the strongest relationships in the world fiance 90 days Carla and Guillermo are also a favorite in Season 9. The couple has been amassing many followers over the months and loves to share their adventures on social media. fiance 90 days Viewers are excited to see the couple working hard in America and living a successful life together.

Source: Calabasas/Instagram

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