Joel’s Brutal Kill In The Last Of Us Episode 8 Is Dark Season 2 Foreshadowing

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The brutal murder that ended Joel’s interrogation scene in episode 8 of The Last of Us casts some dark omens for the second season of the HBO adaptation.

warning! This article contains major spoilers for The Last of Us Episode 8 and the two original The Last of Us games. “Last Survivor” Episode 8 ends Joel’s interrogation scene with a brutal murder, foreshadowing the events of season 2 in a dark direction. the last survivor Episode 8 focuses on Joel and Ellie’s encounter with David and his group, who have a particular grudge against Joel. This grudge stems from the last man Joel killed. the last survivor Episode 6 is part of the David community.

As a result, David sent someone to kill Joel in revenge, while keeping Ellie alive and convincing her to lead the group with him. However, it doesn’t end well for the men sent to Joel, whose wounds are healing and his desire to save Ellie causes him to act violently. This culminates at the end of the climax the last survivor Episode 8, but before Joel’s brutal interrogation provides some foreshadowing for season 2.

Joel kills man with blunt weapon foreshadowing his own death

Joel from The Last of Us Episode 1 and Abby from The Last of Us Part 2

warning! Key reveal for The Last of Us Part 1 and The Last of Us Part 2 from now on. Joel discovers the location of the David Commune during the interrogation scene, which ends with him killing the two arrested. After stabbing the man who indicated the location of David’s neighborhood on the map, Joel picked up a pipe and trudged toward another inmate. Joel then beat the man to death before setting off to find Ellie. the last survivor, End of chapter 8.

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Joel killing this man with a blunt weapon is a subtle and dark way, co-creators Neil Druckman and Craig Mazin foretold Joel’s future death at the hands of Abby the last survivor Part 2. Finally, Abby grabs Joel and beats him to death with a golf club. The similar method of Joel killing David’s party members with blunt weapons must have been intentional, because in the tragic scene with Joel, Abby, and Ellie, the order would be reversed. the last survivor Season 2.

When will Joel die in The Last of Us?

Joel belittles his captor next to the original poster of the game in The Last of Us Episode 8

This raises the question of exactly when Joel will die the last survivor. After this question came up a lot the last survivor Fascinating ending of episode 6, fans who don’t play the game don’t know if Joel will survive to the end the last survivor Part 1. The events of season 2 and Joel’s final ending will be Joel rescuing Ellie from the Fireflies that try to kill her to get an antidote. the last survivor die.

Joel dies at the hands of Abby, the daughter of the attending physician, who prepares Ellie for surgery at the end of the story. the last survivor. Abby kills Joel for revenge, which happens in the first few hours of the game Our Last Part 2. With this knowledge, it is safe to assume that Joel’s death could have occurred during the season premiere the last survivor Season 2, if not the latest second episode.

new episode the last survivor Movie shows every Sunday on HBO.

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