Dragon Blaze: Golden Fighters MOD APK (Menu, Damage multipliers/Defense multipliers) 1.33

Accompany the dragon warriors and defeat every battle in the game Dragon Blaze: Golden Fighters. You will meet the most powerful warriors in the world, whose power comes from the sacred dragon. They are strong men with fighting dragon blood, always ready to fight. The time for battle has come when the enemy has invaded the planet of dragon warrior. Mighty bosses have sent their dark armies to attack your galaxy. However, the Dragon Warriors will not allow the world they spawn to be destroyed by their enemies. Summon dragon warriors to fight against your enemies and protect the earth together.

You will be a young warrior with powerful abilities from the power of dragons. This sacred animal has given part of its power to protect the galaxy. As a result, humanity has produced many excellent dragon warriors with unlimited fighting power. However, danger arises when many powerful bosses are in outer space. They are enemies of the holy dragon and want to take this opportunity to invade the entire galaxy. The world is no longer under the protection of the Most High, and the dragon warriors must stand up to fight. Use the power of dragon warriors to defeat the invaders and protect the peace of the galaxy.

Download Dragon Blaze: Golden Fighters mod – become a super strong dragon fighter

Warriors continue to appear in the human world, thanks to the blessing of the holy dragon. When people have enough power, it will disappear for free society to develop. Humans did not lose their strength because they lost the protection of the mighty holy dragon. They are getting stronger and stronger, increasing their physical strength, and finding their fighting instincts again. When the enemy invades the galaxy, the opportunity to train dragon warriors comes. They knew that the dragons no longer protected the world, and it was time for them to strike. However, dragon warriors protect this world and will not let it fall.

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gold burning dragon fighter apk

galactic defense mission

Heroes with ultimate strength have stepped up to replace the Holy Dragon to protect the world. That’s when bosses lead many enemies to the galaxy where Earth is located. They craved the power of dragons and decided to destroy humans to take away this power. So as a mighty warrior among mankind, you have to protect the galaxy. Mighty dragons let you train and unleash your fighting instincts. Opportunity will only come when you meet the strongest enemies to challenge your limits. Fight as the guardian of the galaxy and overcome the battle with the enemies.

Dragon warrior burns gold for free

fighting instinct

You have mastered the power of dragon warrior and decided to face many enemies. The dark forces of darkness made them cruel, and they decided to destroy the galaxy. Therefore, this war will be the time when the power of the dragon meets the forces of darkness. And you will represent the mighty dragon and fight people with your intuition. Every galaxy planet is invaded and it’s your journey to save them. The battle between you and many opponents will be challenging, but you must survive. Keep your fighting instincts against your opponents and use god dragon powers to defeat your enemies.

Dragon Burn Golden Warrior mod apk

Peak of strength

The strength within you comes from the dragon that has protected the world since its creation. But it could not fully protect the earth, and eventually had to separate from humans. However, the holy dragon left a hidden power in the dragon warrior’s body. And the power level will represent the ability of the dragon’s power to reach its peak. Heroes can step by step unleash their fighting instincts and rush to the pinnacle of power. But this journey still needs help, and must have Shenlong’s help. Collect items to summon the holy dragon and help the dragon warrior conquer the peak of power.

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Dragon Burn Golden Warrior Mod

The journey of human self-development began when dragons gradually left the world. But before leaving, it was still time to strengthen and train the dragon warriors. This will be the power that will protect the world from enemies who want to gain divine power. During the rescue of the galaxy, you will also have to face the onslaught of enemies. The instincts of a dragon warrior will help you gain confidence when facing enemies. But the last enemy you have to face is the boss, and you strive for peak power. Download the mod Dragon Blaze: Golden Fighters and fight in the name of defending the power of dragons.

Download Dragon Blaze: Golden Fighters MOD APK for Android (Menu, Damage multiplier/Defense multiplier)

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