Skyrim: How to Find Dravin’s Bow

exist The Elder Scrolls 5: SkyrimTo get Draven’s Bow, the player needs to complete the quest’prostrate.’ The player should begin the quest by talking to Dark Elf Dravin Llanith at his home on Merryfair Ranch. Dravin would tell the Dragonborn that his heirloom bow was stolen from the Riften and brought back to Ratway by thieves. Dravin will ask the player to get him a bow and arrow in exchange for a small amount of gems.

Ratway is a series of sewers and tunnels below the Riften, where players will encounter small enemies and traps. The player can enter Ragged Flagon’s Ratway vault through the door to the right of the bar. The player will find the bow in a chest near the stairs, located in the bottom room of the vault. First, the player must be in horizon line Enter the room with Lowlife. It is worth noting that players do not need to join the Thieves Guild to enter The Ragged Flagon.

The wandering archer will have a horizontal bow, up to royal quality 7 and equipped with 20 horizontal arrows for ranged attacks. Wandering archers will also have an iron dagger for melee attacks. Enemies can carry raw food, a certain amount of gold, and most likely jailbreaking tools. Lowlife is an enemy of bandits and will immediately become hostile upon seeing the Dragonborn. They are usually armed with mace or swords of iron or steel, and shields of iron, steel, or goblins. Lowlife has a chance to bring some gold coins and a small chance to bring one of them Skyrim gemstone.

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Dravin’s bow quest and glitch in Skyrim

Once the player has defeated the enemy and obtained Dravin’s Bow from the chest in the Ratway vault, they can go to the Merryfair farm and return the heirloom. Dravin Llanith will thank the player for returning their bow and give them 5 level gems. Gems will be randomly awarded, so players can save the game and reload before completing the mission if they want to get specific gems that meet the level requirement.

It is worth noting that players can accept’worship teacher’ probe into horizon line. If they find the bow before accepting the quest, they won’t be able to complete the quest and claim the reward, although Dravin has explained that his bow was stolen. Also, assume Dravin is dead before giving the player the quest. In this case, the bow will still be considered a quest item and usually cannot be removed from the player’s inventory. The bow can still be upgraded with a whetstone, but just leaving it on the weapon rack will remove it from the player’s inventory if the quest cannot be completed. Players can use control commands to complete missions’worship teacher’ and deliver Draven’s Bow horizon line if this happens.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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