Brittany Mahomes criticized by hotel staff in viral TikTok, Internet reacts

A TikTok user shared an account of what she describes as a “really unpleasant” encounter with Brittany Mahomes just before her marriage to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

In a recent video, Jessica O’Connor recounted her experience. She alleges that Brittany and her entire group ran up a bill of more than $100 at a hotel in West Hollywood. She claims they all left without leaving a tip, despite staying there for almost a week.

“I don’t like him because he doesn’t tip the restaurant staff,” O’Connor said in the video. “I think Brittany was in town to buy her wedding dress. And in my first interaction with her, she ran up a bill of over $100. She was with her entire group…Patrick wasn’t there, but I think her bill was over $100. Maybe like $130 – zero dollar tip.”

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Fans roast Brittany Mahomes for not tipping on TikTok

TikTok users quickly flocked to the comments to further criticize Mahomes for his lack of tips. While some people took the opportunity to make jokes, others recalled their own experiences with Mahomes and his tips… or lack thereof.

One user joked: “If Brittany Mahomes has 100 haters, I’m one of them. If she has 10 enemies, I’m one of them. If she has 1 enemy, I am that enemy. If she has no enemies, I am dead.”

Another commented: “Celebrities not tipping is outrageous when the rest of us count pennies and still tip 20%.”

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Some users even went so far as to back up the original claim. One person wrote: “I can confirm this! I was a bottle waiter at a nightclub in Kansas City and this is 100 percent my experience as well.”

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