Blade’s Daughter Is Following a Major 1998 Movie Rule

Warning: Contains potential spoilers Bloodline: Daughter of Sword #3!Blade’s daughter, Brielle Brooks, follows an important rule from the 1998 film of the same name about the infamous vampire hunter. Bloodline: Daughter of Blades #3Blade sees her daughter for the first time in years, just as her own vampire background is beginning to prove herself. He showed her ropes, trained her in the art of fighting — and gave her a serum to control her bloodlust, like the one Blade himself used in His first feature film was in 1998.

Marvel Comics is offering a special first look at its website, including the letterless preview page shared below; The issue will be written by Danny Lore and drawn by Karen Darboe. The first page tells of Brielle’s birth, and then to the present day, where she finds herself not only under the control of the bloodthirsty but also fighting her father. On the next page, Blade injects his daughter Brielle with a special serum that instantly calms her down. The next page shows Blade doing what he’s best at: killing vampires. Father and son share a moment on the final page when Blade shows Brielle how to fight with swords.

Blade’s serum increases some cool abilities

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Longtime fans will recognize Blade’s Brielle infused serum. 1998 First Marvel Box Office tongue, starring Wesley Snipes in the title role. In the film, Blade is a day walker, just like in the comics; However, the filmmakers added their own element: Blade had to drink a special serum to curb his vampire bloodlust. The serum has now made its way into the comics, where Blade uses it to reassure Brill. The serum worked and Blade was free to spend some time with his daughter.

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Like her father, Brielle has a vampire heritage and with it a desire to eat – a desire often expressed through violence and force. In this preview, Blade uses it to defuse the situation without hurting Brielle, which represents some change in the vampire hunter’s approach. Blade relentlessly stalks his prey, responding to their violence with more violence—however, the serum represents an entirely new approach to Blade. Has Blade ever used a serum? only one Because Brielle is his daughter? Or could Blade rethink his strategy, especially now that he’s a father? Given Blade’s behavior for the rest of the preview, it doesn’t look like he’ll change his approach, but the serum still represents a new way of thinking for him.

The presence of the serum also raises its own question: Was it made by Blade? Can it quench anyone’s bloodlust with traces of a vampire or does it only work thanks to Brielle’s unique body chemistry? If it can be applied to other vampires, it could be a big step forward in dealing with the vampire threat, which is on the rise in the MCU. The serum first appeared in Blade’s 1998 film and is now in the comics – and could be a potential game-changer.

Bloodline: Daughter of Blades #3 Marvel Comics Releases April 12!

Source: Marvel Comics

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