Elden Ring: Where To Find The Serpent-God’s Curved Sword

The serpent god’s curved sword is a sacrificial weapon Elden’s ring Can draw blood from the death of an enemy and restore health to its bearer. When any entity near the user dies, the curved sword will absorb the victim’s remaining health aura and restore 25 health, plus 2.5% of maximum health. This passive also applies to non-hostile mobs, including the blood ghosts of animals or other mobs. Elden’s ring player. Although using two of these weapons side-by-side does not stack Zombie’s passive, the Stained One can hold the sword in his hand and still receive a healing buff.

To use Zombie’s curved sword, adventurers need Strength 13 and Dexterity 9. The sword is already equipped with a standard spin cut, but the player can replace it with any suitable Ashes of War. fit they want. Alternatively, players who prefer to use other primary weapons can have Zombie’s Curved Sword on hand when exploring larger areas or longer dungeons.

Take Zombie’s curved sword Elden’s ring, bleak adventurers must find a hidden area in the Cliffs of Ruins, an alternative route to the Altus Plateau. Ruined cliffs lie at the end of a canyon northeast of Liurnia in the Lake District.

Find the Zombie’s curved sword in the Elden Ring

From the village in the canyon curtain where the crumbling cliffs begin, follow three ladders to the entrance of the abandoned mine. Continue to the elevator at the end of the mine tunnel. When you reach the upper floor, walk through the dangerous corridor to the second elevator. Climb the ladder to the ruins guarded by giant bats and a chanting winged madonna. Climb the next two ladders and turn right to find another ladder at the end of a small path. This path will lead to the sloping roof with the ruins of the first harpy.

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On the rooftop, explorers in Tarnished will encounter a giant ground octopus, as well as several smaller ones. After wiping out the enemy area, Elden’s ring Players will find the Zombie’s Curved Sword at the eastern end of the canopy, near the giant ground octopus. In addition, adventurers can rush to the end and take the sword without fighting. However, be careful not to be knocked off the ledge by the octopus’s attack. Impure pilgrims can also take the elevator down to the lower floors and approach the sword’s location from the observatory of the ruined cliff. Run past the two harpies to find the ladder on the east side behind the area.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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