Audio Editor & Music Editor MOD APK (Unlocked Pro)

Music editing and editing is no longer complicated when you have an audio editor and music editor. It will help you to customize all the songs easily. Producing the most satisfactory products is easy and fast. Do whatever you want with these songs. Unleash your creativity with dozens of different tools at your disposal. The best ringtones won’t give you a hard time, will they?

Audio Editor & Music Editor is a music editor developed by Dairy App & Notes & Audio Editor & Voice Recorder. It allows users to cut, join or customize the audio files they want. Rich functions and friendly interface will surely make you satisfied. It doesn’t take too long to get the desired result. Not only that, all your audio files will work fine. Why don’t you try posting your review right away?

Download Mod Audio Editor & Music Editor – Edit your favorite song

If you need to edit music, open an audio editing app and edit music. It will help you edit that audio file to your liking. First, select the song you want by synchronizing the app with the device storage. Then there will be a toolbar below for you to choose from. Find the track you want and cut out the parts that don’t fit. Create your favorite ringtone to use. You can also extract audio from videos and create MP3 files for saving. Compress audio files to make working with folders easier. You will find that this type of editing is not complicated at all.

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sound editor music editor mod free

mp3 cutter

Cutting an audio track from a specific file is a fairly common need. This is also the main function that the audio editor and music editor provides you. The audio file will be displayed as a histogram of the mixed tempo. Along with that is a marker space for you to stretch as you like. Select the audio area you want to use and cut out the unnecessary parts. You now have a fully trimmed audio clip to use as a ringtone. Use these audio clips to add to your video production. You can completely cut many different ways of audio in many formats.

audio editor music editor mod apk

audio coupler

Not only cutting, but audio editor, music editor also allows audio merging. Create your own unique mix. Do this by selecting the song or track you need. Then drag down and connect them in the previous or next paragraph. You can also insert an audio track in the middle of another audio track if you want. Can be edited or trimmed before reassembly. So you get a new track that is a combination of a lot of things. Use this audio clip for any piece of content that needs a little extra appeal.

audio editor music editor mod apk free

This is an ideal feature that few editing apps have. With the tools of the audio editor and music editor, you can do this at any time. For example, a music video you like has been successfully downloaded. Now, grab that video and select Audio Splitter on the toolbar. After a while, you will get a full MP3 file with only music and no photos. You can also quickly edit the file once the split is complete. Remove unwanted parts from the video, such as trailers. So you don’t need to pay any fees and still get high quality songs.

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Audio Editor & Music Editor also has a very useful mixing function. This is a feature that can help with audio mixing. Create unique hybrid sounds and enjoy them anytime. With this function, you just need to select the music you want. Then wait for the app to mix them. After the product is finished, the fragments will be shuffled randomly. You can also plug other audio tracks into this mixer. Another unique feature is the sound booster to add bass or louder volume.

With a lot of cool features, you will control everything with Audio Editor and Music Editor mods. Become a music creator quickly without breaking a sweat.

Download Audio Editor & Music Editor MOD APK for Android (Unlocked Pro)

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