Action Taimanin MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy/High DMG) 2.10.50

APK information Tamanin MOD APK

  • V1: Menu/Damage, Defense Factor
  • V2: menu
  1. disable enemies
  2. Pre-match activation works on high stats DMG, DEF, HP, Crit.

Both men and boys need cute girls by their side. They are the consolation, the greatest motivation to overcome all difficulties. Coming to Action Taimanin, hot girls will stand up to protect the world. Fight the forces of evil with ferocious monsters. Save humanity from the danger of total annihilation. Become a demon hunter with infinite power flowing within you.

From the player’s point of view, Action Tamanin is definitely made for male players. Deliver action RPGs with sharp 3D visuals. The characters are modeled after Japanese anime style, but developed by Koreans. The special thing here is that the characters all have explosive styles. Expected to have us very excited to play. The effect of combat skills has become extremely magical. The most realistic reproduction of the future world situation. High technology is waiting for you to use and make an impression.

Download Action Taimanin mod – Save the world with the female hunter

If you want to play fluently, you must first learn the controls. Use the right joystick to act as a virtual joystick to move. On the right are combat operations such as attack, jump, block. Characters will have ultimate skills that can be activated at any time. These abilities require a cooldown. Use only when needed to avoid waste. Take some time to practice. As you go through different battles, you will become more proficient. The levels will get harder as your skills grow. Whenever you see monsters, cut them to pieces and don’t let them hurt you.

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Characters’ weapons correspond to their playstyle. Before bringing them in and fighting carefully, you need to know. You can choose anyone to wage war on those monsters. Use your character’s strengths to maximize your power. Each weapon will have a different attack that needs to be used accordingly.

Taimanin action free mod

mighty hunter

This is an absolute favorite part of many players. A female hunter with many styles and skills of her own. You can create a collection of girls by working hard. Complete missions to get new characters. The lucky box sold in the store can be opened. Lucky boxes will produce excellent female warriors. Take them into battle and see what they can do. Is it worth your expectations? Don’t forget to upgrade to make them stronger, increase damage stats. Increases defense and long-term health.

Taimanin action mod apk

seek support

This battle is tough and you can’t take it alone. There must be someone in charge of combat support and help. Those guys are definitely caring supportive girls. They are responsible for restoring lost health or creating powerful summoner spells. Helps you maintain the tempo of the fight until the end of the game. Don’t be afraid of losing too much power leading to damage. Choose powerful supporters to fight by your side. You will be able to immediately see how much impact they have. Many beautiful girls are waiting for you to call their names. Don’t miss it, it’s a waste of money.

Taimanin mod apk free

Not only have fierce battles, but the girls also have their own lives. Witch hunters are the main job, but they also have to hide their identities. Take classes with beautiful students and teachers. Go home and watch TV, jog and rest in your comfy bed. Play your favorite sport in downtime. Create scenes and arrange them with your own hands. Preserve those memories by taking beautiful photos. It’s like the real life of anime characters. It’s not boring at all; everything is true.

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Action Taimanin mod android

You can share your achievements and character’s life on social networks. Show off how fun and exciting the game is to your friends and family. Explore a huge world with interesting locations. Give you the experience you truly deserve. These girls are all yours. Listen to what you say. They can seduce and flirt with you. Action Taimanin mod always welcomes future hunters.

Download Action Taimanin MOD APK for Android (Menu, Stupid Enemies/High DMG)

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