Allie X unleashes ‘Off With Her T-ts’, an operatic track from upcoming album ‘Girl With No Face’

Allie X is back in action and working hard on her new single “Off With Her T-ts.”

The hitmaker, who has created alongside the likes of Troye Sivan and BTS, is gearing up to release her new album. faceless girl. The project will be the first since 2020. God of the Capeand is making up for time lost in the run-up to his presentation.

“Off With Her T-ts” is an ’80s anthem with an operatic feel that finds Allie confronting troubling thoughts. It follows previously released singles “Girl With No Face” and “Black Eye.”

Come in to listen to Allie X’s new song…

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Allie spoke about the song, saying, “’Off With Her T-ts’ is an optimistic, almost ridiculous satirization of particularly agonizing thoughts that never give me a break. I decided to parody them to relieve myself a little. Some may label it a body negative anthem, Brits may think I’m just ‘off my tits’. The only thing I know for sure is that it is difficult.”

We couldn’t agree more with that statement!

She talked about her upcoming album on Instagram, describing it as “a record like none I’ve ever made before. A dizzying experience born from the deep desire to free myself professionally and creatively.”

“I’ll probably be more specific about this later, but for now I understand that this need started me on the most isolating and expansive journey I’ve ever undertaken creatively. The pandemic was probably the only reason I was able to do this. Without the world literally stopping, I would have continued running full steam ahead on the music industry gerbil wheel, trying to please my team and keep up with the girls,” he explained.

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The hitmaker continued, describing his body of work as “indulgent, stubborn, witty, angry, melodramatic… in short, for me.”

“As many of you know, the ‘X’ in my name is indicative of an identity exploration. faceless girl “It is probably the most sustained and disorienting look in the mirror so far,” he added.

While you’re here, take a trip down memory lane and watch Allie’s duet with Troye.

Press play on “Off With Her T-ts” above and read the lyrics below…

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