Ahsoka Episode 6 Recap: 8 Biggest Spoilers & Ending Explained

warn!This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka Episode 6Ahsoka Episode 6 finally got it Star Wars Canon arrives in a brand new galaxy with a host of exciting content that has major implications for the entire series.As seen in previous episodes AhsokaDark agents serving Grand Admiral Thrawn have been working to bring back the former Imperial leader, long exiled in another galaxy.Now, new Star Wars The show offers the first look at this new galaxy, including major returns and reunions of heroes and villains.

Following the following events Ahsoka In episode five, as Ahsoka Tano’s (Rosario Dawson) dynamic shifts, the Jedi find a way to track Morgan Elsbeth and her allies using a The giant hyperspace ring heads to Thrawn’s location. While Ahsoka and the Jedi droid Hu-Yang are still en route with the help of a pod of star whales, Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) has arrived in the world of Peridea and meets Belan Sco Together they search for Ezra Bridger, who is also missing.Here are the biggest spoilers and reveals Ahsoka Episode 6.

8 The History of the Star Wars Galaxy Begins with Peridea

Junior’s history is confirmed when Ahsoka and Hu Yang travel to Peridia Star Wars The Milky Way begins on the extragalactic world of Peridea. This was confirmed by Hu Yang, who told the Jedi Padawan the stories and history of the galaxy, Peridia being one of the earliest and believed to be only part of the myths and legends.

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7 Peridea is the ancient home of the Nightsisters

star wars night sisters

After Morgan Elsbeth and her allies Belan Skoll and Sin Hardy landed in Peridia (where Sabine was their prisoner), they encountered the three Nightsisters. Likewise, Morgan confirmed that Peridia was the ancient home world of the Datimir people, who used star whales they called “travelers” to travel from this world to the main system.

6 The Night Sisters are not extinct after all

Ahsoka's Nightsisters of Peridia

Although most of them were extinct in primitive times Star Wars Across the galaxy, the Night Sisters appear to still be in power on Peridea, at least to this new trio known as the Great Mother. It’s also possible that they were exiled, and it’s revealed that Pujir came to this world only to die, with rings of plants made of giant bones floating in orbit.

5 Morgan Elsbeth successfully found Thrawn

Morgan Elsbeth and Grand Admiral Thrawn appear on Ahsoka

Ahsoka Episode six finally reunites Morgan Elsbeth with her patron Grand Admiral Thrawn. Morgan had served him long before his exile, and it seems the years of hard work toward his return have paid off.

4 Thrawn plans to return to the Star Wars galaxy and believes he can conquer it

Thrawn in Ahsoka Episode 6

Backed by his iconic Star Destroyer ChimeraThrawn officially debuts Ahsoka Episode 6 and the remains of the troops who were exiled with him, as seen at the end Star Wars rebels. These soldiers were called “night soldiers” and their armor was worn out from years of being trapped with the marshal. Likewise, Thrawn has a new right-hand man named Enoch, who wears a striking golden mask and armor studded with gold flakes.

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3 Thrawn allows Sabine to find Ezra Bridger

Sabine Finds Ezra on Ahsoka Episode 6

Although Sabine was captured on the way to Peridia, Thrawn agreed to fulfill Belan’s promise to Wren, providing the Mandalorian Jedi with the opportunity to venture in search of Ezra. So, Sabine finally found her old Jedi friend and had an incredibly heartwarming reunion.

2 Belan hints at his own agenda – Thrawn may not be Ahsoka’s true villain

Baylan and Shin in Ahsoka Episode 6

Speaking to the Padawan, Beran revealed that the former Jedi is seeking strength to finally break the ongoing cycle of violence that plagues the world. Star Wars Milky Way Millennium.Find rare sources of power, and new threats may emerge. Ahsoka That’s bigger than Grand Admiral Thrawn himself.

1 Thrawn plans to use Nightsister magic to fight Ahsoka

Thrawn and the Nightsisters in Ahsoka Episode 6

Learn about Ahsoka Tano and her band of star whales coming soon Ahsoka In Episode 5, Grand Admiral Thrawn declares that he wants to know everything about his new rival. Likewise, once Ahsoka arrives, Thrawn appears intent on using the full power of his army combined with the Nightsisters’ magic to prevent his return as heir to the Empire.

Ahsoka New episodes are released every Tuesday at 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Disney+.

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