The Deep’s Seven Return Twists His Season 1 Starlight Controversy

Caution: Front spoiler boys Part 3

Deep Sea can achieve its goal of rejoining Seven, but boys Season 3 turns success into punishment by dismissing his transgressions against Starlight.Deep, played by Chace Crawford, is yours. boys‘ early episodes, using his lofty status to prey on women. When the hopeful bright-eyed Starlight joins the Seven, Abyssal’s ritual abuse finds another target. Aquatic threatens to force her new co-worker to perform sexual acts, threatening to put her dream job in jeopardy if she doesn’t comply.

Tragedy of the Starlight Directly from Garth Ennis boys In the comics, the Amazon TV adaptation took a major detour when Annie publicly revealed Abyss’ crimes. Vought was forced to banish their suspicious friend from Seven, and Deep has since embarked on what he calls “a journey of self-discovery”. While Abyss is genuinely ashamed of his failure in grace, Crawford’s character shows no real remorse for attacking Starlight. His only goal has always been to swim back to the Sevens vault, and that dream lies in boys Season 3, Episode 3 – “Barbary Coast”.

Homelander’s insistence on Deep rejoining Seven is purely due to tormenting Starlight after she was promoted to lieutenant. The evil patriot is determined to make Starlight’s life hell, and her reaction to Deep’s return is exactly the horrible reaction Homelanders hoped for. The scars are still there. boys In season 1, the prospect of working with The Deep — and worse, having to publicly forgive him — was understandable for Starlight. one side, boys Seems to be rewarding Deep for his past misdeeds by letting him off the hook (no pun intended). But season 3 did something clever here. By adding Deep’s wife, Cassandra, the Chief of the Navy goes from exploiter to exploiter.

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introduced in boys Season 2 sees Cassandra as an ambitious woman seeking social advantage while her Fallen Husband is a reluctant elevator. boys In Season 3, Cassandra is essentially Deep’s puppeteer. She blames him for being weak against homeland security agents, forcing the deep sea to eat her underwater friends, and generally seems to reinvigorate her career in Season 3. for her own purposes. Cassandra’s control and her husband’s apparent annoyance expose Deep.exist’s dark past boys In Season 1, Deep used his Seven to escape by injuring Starlight and many others; IN boys In season 3, others are using and harming Deep to profit from his seventh identity.

There’s a poetic sense of justice to the Abyss’s reversal of fortunes after rejoining Seven. Of course, this is no consolation for Starlight, who now has to wake up every day to work with a man who abused her. Real justice (i.e. not poetic justice) will involve jail time and permanent stripping of superhero status. However, in such a story boys In a situation where dramatic license rarely allows “real” justice to happen, Deep’s small appreciation for the helplessness he has inflicted on others over the years may only reduce ease the sting of the return of his seven men. The Deep has had a sober day every day since his Starlight controversy for a second chance at the top. there he is now, boys Season 3 is sure to be enjoyed by any child. One can hope this is just Starlight’s first step towards real justice.

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boys Continues Friday on Prime Video.

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