Tina You Fat Lard: 10 Napoleon Dynamite Quotes That Will Stick With Us Forever

In 2004, Brigham Young University alumni Jared and Jerusha Hess teamed up with young acting talent Jon Heder to create a quirky stand-up comedy about an awkward teen in Idaho who walks moon boots and sneak mashed potatoes into the History Lesson Story. sixteen years later, napoleon dynamite is a classic and pop culture phenomenon known for its amazingly real characters and clever writing.

The script is a stroke of pure comedic genius; Extremely funny dialogue is not a refreshing joke, especially in today’s sea of ​​old sayings. Jokes are popular because they are true. Hess is one of six boys living on a small farm in Idaho, and the film’s plot is largely based on his growing up in Preston (the actual town where the film is set). The characters are based on real people, real people. It is foolish to say some of the most memorable things. Here are ten sentences from napoleon dynamite You never forget.

“Come on, give me the kids.”

Few potatoes in the coffee shop can match the super crispy crust of Preston High. High school lunches are notoriously short and early. Long queues, rude sloppy investigation and forgetting to find a decent and socially respectful seat. After such an arduous process, it’s no surprise that Napoleon dropped his lunch, shoving the delectable piece into the pocket of his overalls.

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While people like to believe that Randy was the only bully in this situation, he kicked Napoleon and crushed his beloved potato chunks, and Napoleon was not without fault. And let’s not forget that he stole Pedro’s mashed potatoes in an earlier scene when the two were having lunch together. Why doesn’t Pedro crave those golden brown gems? We may never know.

“Your mother is in college.”

Back from the 32-year-old guy. What about those unbranded chips your grandma bought you? Kip thinks he’s cool, and honestly, most of his lines are killer because he truly believes he has great intelligence and the swagger to match.

Deb may not be the most stylish teenager, but she is a simple lover with a refined heart. Kip’s trivial (at best) comment enraged her enough to slip the craft into Napoleon’s arms and flee. No matter how hurtful, Kip’s lame rebuttal is what made Napoleon and Deb friends, so it’s not all that bad…

“My relationship with Abo staff is not bad.”

How to present in front of new children. Napoleon was clearly an unpopular nerd, so it’s hard to see why he’s trying to prove how great he is. So far, Napoleon seems fine with his sassy attitude, but this quote is a first glimpse into his insecurities as a “odd kid”. This vile bragging is not only a blatant lie but also completely unrealistic. The curly-haired enthusiast wearing moon boots and MC Hammer pants has a hard time successfully wielding the 6-foot red oak staff.

“But my lips hurt!”

There is nothing worse than chapped lips And A lawless and cruel brother will not bring you the salvation you need. One of the most iconic conversations is the telephone conversation between Napoleon and Kip, in which Napoleon asked to go home because he was “unwell”.

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We all pretended to be sick, hoping that going to the nurse’s office meant going home early. Napoleon marched to the beat of his own worn-out drummer, and his efforts to fit in didn’t stop on campus.

“Don’t be jealous, I spend all day chatting with beautiful women online.”

On his best day, we find Kip, Napoleon’s brother, scouring Internet chat rooms for women desperate enough to endure his poetic ramblings. . But hey, can you count on a middle-aged man whose only goal in life is to master cage fighting? How’s your training going?

Kip’s intentions are innocuous, but one has to wonder if he is trying to pull off an elaborate catfish scam. Either way, the sibling rivalry between Napoleon and Kip is hilarious, a quote that symbolizes how frustrating and delusional big brothers can be.

“Tina, fat pig, come over for dinner.”

As if Napoleon hadn’t been exposed to enough of the mysterious meat dishes in the cafeteria, he had to go home and shovel the unidentifiable slimy flesh for Tina, the family llamas. Judging by the sound of sewage as it hits the ground, the casserole is probably a mixture of oatmeal and mashed potatoes covered in soggy cornmeal. Whatever it was, Tina didn’t approve of it, and she made it known with a few frowns and sneers at the llama.

“I see you drink 1%…is that because you think you’re fat?”

Napoleon’s admiration for Deb is heartbreakingly pure, but he’s an awkward teenager, so the talk is almost as romantic as he gets it. While he may be genuinely nervous about approaching Deb, Napoleon’s terse speech belies the anxiety of any high school sweetheart.

His intentions were sweet, but what he chose to say couldn’t be more embarrassing. Deb’s fat is normal, and with so many girls at her school obsessed with the smallest difference in calories, it’s great to have a guy show her that she’s perfect, like she.

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“Worst day of my life. What do you think?”

High school sucks. That’s perhaps the most obvious statement in history, but it’s especially true for kids like Napoleon. He was forced to give a speech in front of the class, he was bullied and stuffed in a locker, and pretty girls could barely distinguish between him and a lanyard.

Come on, ma’am. You should know it’s best not to ask such questions. The only thing worse than high school torture is having to relive it on the dinner table, or in Napoleon’s case, in the ears of his annoying brother.

“You think anyone would want a round kick in the face…”

When he wears bad boys? forget! Meet Rex, the self-proclaimed owner of Rex Kwon Do Dojo and a regular at American Flag in R’us. Rex teaches an eight-week course for those who want to learn the art of self-defense.

It doesn’t seem difficult when your concept of martial arts and yellow glasses has been seriously diluted. Rex doesn’t mess around, and he makes it clear to Kip, Napoleon, and the rest of the introductory class in a brief but informative preview of the show.

“I can do whatever I want, god!”

Perhaps the wisest line in the entire film is the first scene with Napoleon on the school bus. The child’s question, “What are you going to do today, Napoleon,” lacks a hint of irony. It’s like a kid on a picnic to the zoo and he’s at a monkey show. Napoleon was an eccentric to watch, and his reaction was the best expression of his personality. Plus, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

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