11 Remarkable Force Powers Luke Skywalker Had In Legends (But Not Canon)

luke skywalker in Star Wars franchise, but his power in the saga continuity is much greater than in the current official canon.first Star Wars Publish before combining The Empire Strikes Back Even when released, the classic Expanded Universe has evolved considerably over the past few decades. Many stories happened in return of jedi, which focuses on Luke Skywalker’s decision to form a new Jedi Order and his growth in power. These stories were all once considered classics, but Lucasfilm labeled them as “legendary” after being acquired by Disney in 2012.

Legendary version of Luke Skywalker is stronger than canon and continues to evolve as the following character return of jedi, his growth will continue in a more consistent way as readers have gone through this journey with him. Through countless victories, defeats, and unending dedication to his loved ones and the people of the galaxy, the legendary Luke seems to have fulfilled the potential connection to the Force that Anakin Skywalker himself made promised (but never delivered). Here are all the powers Luke showed in Legends that his Disney-era counterpart has yet to wield.

protect the army

The Jedi possess the ability to create a protective kinetic barrier around them, a power seen in both canon and lore – but Luke Skywalker only used it in the Extended Universe. In Kevin J. Anderson search for jedi, Luke was able to walk on a lake of lava – one of his most impressive displays of the Force. His clothes were charred, but his body was unharmed. Luke uses the same power in Troy Denning’s story Dark Lair I: King of Carpenterprotect you from big explosions.

meditation battle

Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade

Battle Meditation, also known as Force Fusion, allows Force users to connect their minds with others (force-sensitive or otherwise) and empowers them, increasing their effectiveness in combat. When the users of the Force were linked together, their movements became synchronized, making them even more powerful. Luke Skywalker Defeat the resurrected Emperor Palpatine in a duel of Tom Witch and Cam Kennedy shadow empire Comic event where Leia empowers him through combat meditation. In the story of Timothy Zahn, Luke uses the same power to bond with his wife Mara Jade future vision. He then used combat meditation to lead the New Republic army into battle in Walter Jon Williams destiny path.

Resistance to Issalamiri

Issala Millie in the Star Wars story.

In Legends, the inner world of Myrkr is inhabited by lizards called ysalamiri, which repel all Force usage within a certain distance. This power evolved to protect against predators with the Force, and Empire leaders such as Marshal Thorne used Issalamiri against the Jedi. Since stopping the Force (a fundamental element of the galaxy itself) is impossible, Issalamiri simply prevents anything near them from using their Force abilities. As revealed by James Luceno Agent Chaos I: The Hero TrialLuke Skywalker can resist Issalamiri’s Force Repulsion ability.

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electric judgment

Luke Skywalker Lightning Hands

Forced lightning is the dark side Star Wars A power that only the strongest SIth Lords could wield, but had an equal ability undamaged by the dark side that the Jedi rarely used. Darth Plagueis despises Electric Trials as “fax number“The Power of the Sith, posits that the Jedi use the Force by nature and not by corrupting it. Luke in James Luceno’s united force Defeat the alien Yuuzhan Vong warriors.

obligatory concealment

Luke Skywalker escapes from Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi.

Practitioners of the Sith Lords and Dark Side have long concealed their presence in the Force, but Luke Skywalker and the other Jedi have done the same in the Legends series. chasing the starLuke makes his presence in the Force seem to disappear, preventing Jaina and Jason Solo from sensing him. In an even more dramatic feat, Luke conceals the presence of himself and those around him at Denim Restaurant Dark Lair II: The Invisible Queen.

increased strength

Luke Skywalker in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi holding a green lightsaber

A rather unusual Jedi Force power that allows the Jedi to increase their physical strength, lift too heavy objects, or deliver powerful blows. Luke uses his Force-enhanced power to defeat multiple Yuuzhan Vong fighters throughout new jedi order novel. He also uses enhanced powers in Troy Denning’s Dark nest triobreaks the rotating glass (meaning it’s as hard as the shell of a spaceship) and breaks lightsaber crystals with ease.

folding space

Master Luke Skywalker trains the Jedi Knights in the Star Wars saga.

In the story, Luke Skywalker learns from other Force traditions – not just the Jedi. He spent time with a group of monks named Aing-Tii, who possessed the ability to teleport objects (or themselves) through space. Star Wars The scriptures explore other Force traditions and the Aing-Tii are indeed mentioned in the scriptures, but their abilities are yet to be mentioned. Luke Skywalker shows that he can teleport at Christie Golden Jedi’s Fate: Foreshadowing.


Luke and Ben Skywalker meet the sage Baran Do in the Star Wars Saga.

Luke Skywalker also learned Ayna-seff’s unique Force powers from the Magi of Baran Do, the Kel Dor Force user group from Dorin. Similar to Force Concealment, Ayna-seff works by covering the user’s brain with a form of electromagnetic radiation, making it undetectable. jedi’s fate In the series, Luke Skywalker uses Enasif to protect the late Mara Jade’s spaceship Jade Shadow as it passes through the Kessel Rift.

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failure point

Mace Windu in Star Wars Promotional Photo

An extremely rare and esoteric force of the Force made famous by Jedi Master Mace Windu, the Fracture Point allows its user to see the weakness of objects, opponents, and even situations. Like Mace Windu before him, Luke Skywalker is a Force user and lightsaber warrior of the highest order, but those skills are enhanced exponentially by his ability to identify enemy weaknesses. and their plans. While Luke does not use this ability, Troy refuses of Legacy of the Force: Invincible revealed that he taught it to himself Star Wars Legendary granddaughter Gianna Solo.


Luke Skywalker as The Force

One of the greatest feats for any Jedi is to maintain their consciousness after becoming one with the Force. Although Luke Skywalker returned as a Force ghost posthumously in both the canon and the Legends sequel, the latter put Luke in this state several times before his death. at James Luceno’s united forceLuke Skywalker temporarily achieved unity, defeating countless Yuuzhan Vong warriors in the face of their leader Shimla Jarman. Luke used this ability again in the conflict with the dark side of the Apocalypse jedi’s fate Fiction, combine it with a more extraordinary force.

through the dark

Abelos in the Star Wars Saga.

One of the most powerful shadow creatures in legend, Abeloth inhabits a kingdom where Force users separate their minds from their bodies, known as “”Beyond the dark.Luke was able to travel through the dark to get to know Abelos and then fight her, combining his travel through the dark with Oneness to destroy her while he fought Darth Krayt. The Jedi Master has combined two of the greatest forces of the Force for the greatest victory Star Wars Expanded universe.

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