Avatar: 15 Things Every Fan Should Know About Ty Lee

Avatar: The Last Airbender It may end, but that won’t stop fans from gossiping about the series. Viewers still have a lot to learn and fans should know more. Of course, there are some facts that any fan should know. But there are a lot of side characters that are also easy to overlook.

Ty Lee is one of them. She stands out from her Fire Nation colleagues, even in her trilogy, and for good reason, so it’s a shame that some fans overlook the character. Without further ado, here are facts about Tae Lee that all fans should know.

Updated September 22, 2020, Amanda Bruce: Ten little tidbits about Ty Lee are not enough. Although she is seen as Azula’s sidekick in most of the animated series, she doesn’t just support the Fire Nation princess, and her time in the series continues after Azula’s imprisonment. . Now, there’s so much more to this list about Ty Lee beyond her time with the princess.

Only appeared in 11 episodes

Since Ty Lee is such a distinct personality, it’s easy to remember that she was there for most of the original book Avatar series. The truth is, though, she didn’t make her first appearance until the third episode of “Book Two,” and she’s only appeared in 11 episodes since.

In fact, Ty Lee doesn’t appear in the sequel The legend of korra Not at all, one of her 11 episodes didn’t have any lines from her character!

the only person azura ever apologized

Azula and Ty Lee on the beach

It’s a somewhat dubious honor, but it’s just a sign that their friendship really matters. Azula can be a bit picky, intentionally embarrassing her friend to take the lead in their friendship, but she does care – to a degree.

Ty Lee received Azura’s only apology in the series in the episode “Book Three” “The Beach” after Azura made her feel bad about her attention-seeking behavior.

one of seven

It may come as no surprise, but Ty Lee is one of seven daughters – and they all look uncanny. That explains her personality pretty well, right? Ty Lee’s sisters even have names like hers; Ty Lin, Ty Lat, Ty Lao, Ty Liu, Ty Lum, Ty Woo.

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Her extended family also speaks to her family status. There were many of them, and all seven were well taken care of. We are sure that these girls are the pride of their parents. Although we hope their goal is not to have a boy to finish the game…

circus hour

Ty Lee Looks Confused In 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'

Anyone who has watched the way Ty Lee moves will understand this – but our girl has been in the circus for a while. Not because she had to (her family was well off, as noted above), but because she wanted to.

No one can blame Ty Lee for going to the circus. Running away may be your only chance to get what you want. Even so, Azura ended up desperate to get her back to her plan. Poor Li Tai

gas barrier

One of Ty Lee’s most feared attacks is his ability to block gas – thus preventing a person from bending or even moving. Ty Lee knows what specific moves can paralyze a person (thankfully temporarily), and she’s shown it more than once in the series.

Despite her apparent reluctance to attempt to take the life of any opponent, she has become a major threat in her own right. This is probably one of the reasons Azura wants her back (lockdown, no reluctance to kill).

kyoko martial arts

Azula, Mai and Ty Lee disguise themselves in Avatar: The Last Airbender

When Ty Lee defied Azula’s will, she found herself imprisoned in the Fire Nation prison along with the warrior Kyoko. Eventually, she befriends the fierce women and later becomes a member of their ranks.

It was a match made in heaven. Come to think of it, the moves of the kyoko samurai combined with the skills that Tae Lee demonstrated. What could be better? Except maybe the samurai Kyoshi trained by Ty Lee…

The first outsider as Kyoshi Samurai

Become Warrior Ty Lee Kyoshi

One important thing for viewers to realize about Kyoshi Samurai is that they do not accept members from outside the community. All of the women who join them are from Kyoko Island, dressed in honor of their founder, Avatar Kyoko.

Technically, the first outsider to become a member was Sokha. However, since their team was all female, his status was further honored when Suki completed his training. The first real member from outside the island was Ty Lee.

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friend azura

Azula and the other girls behind ATLA

The fact that Azula took the time to find Ty Lee says a lot about what Ty Lee really means to Azula. In fact, in Azula’s mind, Ty Lee is quite possibly the closest thing to a true friend she’s ever had. Her greeting to the girl was a genuine emotion that even Mai couldn’t express. This proves that Azura has a heart somewhere in it.

To be fair, it seemed impossible not to like her when meeting Ty Lee, so it made perfect sense that Azula liked the once-circus member so much.

love enemies

Sokka looks skeptical

Ty Lee begins to add his name to the list of characters who have a crush on Sokka. Admittedly, given Ty Lee’s outgoing and flirtatious personality, she’s probably the type to get a lot of people spending time with her smitten.

Ty Lee’s love for Sokka doesn’t end there, which is perhaps for the best, as she later joins Kyoko Samurai, the leader who eventually becomes Sokka.

only in the land of fire

Lee Tai

Let’s take a moment to consider all the other characters in the Fire Nation. They have golden eyes or black hair – or both. Ty Lee, on the other hand, does not. This makes her a truly remarkable character in the Fire Nation.

Though perhaps we should also assume that all of her sisters are similar because they look alike. In this case, her entire family is truly an eccentric to the Fire Nation. We wonder how this happened.

choose a side

Zuko and Mai watch the sunset in Avatar: The Last Airbender

When Mai betrays Azula to save Zuko’s life, Ty Lee is forced to choose a side. Maybe she wasn’t involved in the fight and didn’t cause the death, maybe she just let it go. With Azula, however, the fight is more likely to end in death or imprisonment. To save his friend, Ty Lee must make a choice.

She chose wheat. Because of this, Li Tai was sent to prison. Of course, this also ended her friendship with Azula. For the reasons above, this is a bigger loss for Azula than she is willing to admit. But in the long run, it’s good for Ty Lee.

feel the need to become a person

ty lee from the last airbender period

Remember when Ty Lee had six sisters to fight for? Being surrounded by so many identical faces makes Ty Lee feel more like a collective entity than an individual. Because of this, she begins to find herself and her individuality. This is also most likely why she ran away and joined the circus – it’s definitely something unique. Since none of her older sisters followed suit, this clearly played a role.

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friendship with top

Although the two do not interact much in most animated series due to their opposite personalities, Toph Beifong and Ty Lee developed an unlikely friendship after the events of the series.

In the comic at the end of the episode, Ty Lee finds himself dissatisfied with life after the war. She and Tove go to a circus show to remind the ex of her past life. To her surprise, her sisters were performing acrobatics, following in her footsteps. Toph then took her to more exhibits so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

rescued by sisters

Ty Lee gets help from sisters in 'Avatar' comic

When Toph and Ty Lee visit the circus, although she is initially hurt by her sister stealing “her stuff”, she is finally relieved that the two have decided to learn juggling. That’s because six members of her family saved her and Toph.

Toph overhears a couple planning to harm the people in the circus, so she convinces Ty Lee to help her take them down (without much convincing). While Toph confronts the two’s fire clan, Ty Lee tries to attack the other, but her kicks have no effect on him, and her sisters eventually come to her aid. help her see that she has no reason to be jealous of one of them.


Ty Lee becoming a kyoko fighter is something she’s always wanted. In fact, after Azura was captured (after the war), she needed a guard to watch over and protect her. Ty Lee and Suki are in charge of this work.

It’s an ironic fact, but somehow it rounds things out. Ty Lee felt like a prisoner and eventually became a guard. Without a doubt, she is the most sympathetic guardian.

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