10 “Several People Are Typing” Memes That Are Too Funny

Discord is currently the most popular chat software, replacing Skype and AOL before it. It has a long list of useful and interesting features, whether for casual chat with friends or intense gaming with an audience.

One of the coolest features is notifications, which let the other person know if the other person is typing a reply in the chat. When two or three people start typing at the same time, it turns into “some people are typing”, which is usually a good sign that the content just posted may not be accepted by other members of the server.

winter is coming

Game of Thrones discord meme.

Oh, Ned Stark. Though his personality doesn’t last long Game of Thrones, his meme is clearly timeless. This meme, taken from Stark’s motto “Winter is coming,” perfectly captures how it feels when someone says something confusing in conversation. It’s inevitable and the only way to survive is power — and possibly silent announcement.

calm before the storm

Tumblr "someone is typing" Discord meme.

Sometimes it’s funny if the person in the conversation doesn’t agree with what you say. Saying something that is too weird and impossible to ignore can sometimes be amusing to those involved. It might not feel right to accidentally get caught up in a moment like this and make yourself feel stupid or bullied, but intentionally making the conversation heated can be a big deal. Great way to spark an otherwise quiet conversation.

From Discord to Tumblr

Tumblr meme "some people are typing".

Discord wasn’t made to say something provocative or stupid and get a response. This meme shows that although it looks different, the basic concept of “a few people typing” is common, depending on the platform.

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In this case, instead of chatting privately with a few friends and dismissing it immediately, the relevant comments are made public, inviting private messages of all kinds—possibly from complete people. total strangers or people using Tumblr’s anonymous questioning feature. It’s understandable, though: There’s a big difference between “pre-sell” and “drink first” dates. Maybe some of the messages are genuinely interested, maybe some amused, maybe some are just shocked; but either way, tumblr users Liquidstar must have realized that they were doing it wrong.

this will hurt

SpongeBob Discord memo.

Sometimes it’s not a misstep, an error, or a funny comment. Sometimes members of a Discord chat find that there is a way to instantly ping everyone in the chat. This is a useful feature for urgent notifications or updates, however, depending on how many people are actually on the server, @everyone could be considered a bit fake if not really needed. set.

However, people do sometimes, and the meme above is exactly that feeling. Nine characters follow in a frantic race that will almost certainly end with the poster drowning in answers. However, being flooded with responses is probably only slightly better than having Boss Krab buried among the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom.

their quarrel

Minecraft isn't really a discord sports meme.

If there’s one thing some nerds value, it’s my world. It can be an artistic expression, a challenge…or in some cases, a movement…maybe. It’s competitive. It allows teamwork. But unlike other video games, my world Not exactly included in eSports tournaments.

But not for lack of trying; It’s for lack of effort. There are smaller teams, leagues and “tournaments”. However, the poster here is mostly true; although esports is “considered” as a “real” sport in general, my world Just not on the same level.

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Which one is better?

The discordant meme about Tootsiepops.

Everyone has their own particular taste and opinion about food, that’s for sure, but, every once in a while, there’s an opinion so different from the widely accepted one that only several people started entering at the same time.

Such is the case here, with attempts to argue – possibly unsuccessfully – that Tootsiepops are better than regular lollipops with no Tootsieroll in between. Sometimes it’s the little things that annoy us the most.

apostrophe for days

The memes are at odds over internet jargon.

Raw translation: if i have it all of you will have it.This is a good example of how the word FriendWhat was once a purely southern language, is now becoming increasingly common. This may partly be due to a greater effort towards sexist language – after all, “all of you” does not mean the same and is more inclusive than “you” or “ladies and gentlemen”. “.

The same argument against “chat word” can be made here because so many acronyms make it less of a word but more of a monster word. But hey, as long as the speaker can understand…

challenge everything

EA used to be a fairly well-respected video game publisher; they had memories of many of the early 90’s and early ’00s video games, and they’re still making the Sims About 20 years after the original game came out. However, to say they are the best game developers is an exaggeration.

Today, with so many incredible games coming out, from big game companies to indie creators, EA is no longer at the top. Always looking for new ways to charge customers for new content – how many expansions can there be? — along with questionable gameplay and a completely unfinished game, there are a lot of ways that EA can’t keep up. Publishers will always hold a special place in the hearts of most gamers, but over time, the good things EA has done will fade from memory.

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Ask real questions

Discord meme "straw with one or two holes".

Prompt input from multiple people is not always just a notification, nor is it always a comment or opinion. This could be a problem; Existential diversity is a real headache and questionable issue.

Honestly, how dare they. But it should be pointed out that the straw must have two holes: one on the top and one on the bottom. If the straw had only one hole, it wouldn’t be a straw, it would be a very thin, essentially useless cup or something like that.


Cereal discord meme.

an innocuous question should There is only one answer and obviously there are two. Soy milk, almond milk and most other milk alternatives are still at least some kind of milk so pouring cereal on top is acceptable. How is this person? Sure is not. Hopefully they are repaired and live in the light that milk – and nothing else – is poured on top of milk.

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