You’s Rhys Twist Has Been 4 Seasons In The Making

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for you Part 4 Part 2. Rhys twist has been teased for season 4 since its return Friend Part 1. Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg has long struggled with two sides of who he is – the dark killer and the good guy he thinks he really is. However, every Friend The season saw Joe’s faltering mentality continue to crumble. Just when Joe seems to be making progress, he’s regressing. Friend Season 4 illustrates this with a hit of Eat The Rich.

Friend Season 4, Season 1 ended with the reveal that Rhys Montrose was Eat The Rich’s Killer. However, Friend Season 4, Season 2 soon reveals that Joe killed the real Rhys Montrose, thus revealing that Joe was hallucinating that Rhys was his killer. This isn’t the first time Joe has hallucinated, but it’s the first time Joe has killed someone offscreen and blamed the death on someone else. This revelation shows just how big Joe’s heart is and how far he has to go to become a better person.

You Season 4’s Joe Killer Twist Through Rhys Is Set From The Beginning

Joe’s hallucinations have encouraged him to continue his murderous habit ever since Friend Part 1. Usually, Joe’s previous hallucinations are triggered by drugs like Friend In season 2, Forty gave him LSD to help him with the scripting process. This leads to some of the sexiest Joe work ever Friend, he is locked in a room forced to face his demons, and forced to write to Baker. While addicted to LSD, Joe has hallucinations of his mother in the bathroom, and she tells him that people like them never change. She tries to get him to kill Forty, which is similar to Rhys’s hallucinogenic state Friend Season 4.

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During his LSD trip, Joe also hallucinated with blood on his hands. These hallucinations suggest that Joe is fighting with himself when he takes a mind-altering substance. Joe’s inner struggle went on for four seasons, but Friend Season 4 finally saw Joe give his other half a name and face. Rhys’ hallucination as the Rich Cannibal Killer probably goes further than any of Joe’s previous hallucinations, but his previous hallucination clearly foreshadowed that.

Why Season 4’s Rhys Twist Works So Well

You Season 4 Season 2 Rhys and Joe Goldberg

from Friend Four installments of the killer Eat the Rich’s have been built and the rewards have increased dramatically. Friend Season 4, Season 1 ends with Rhys becoming real and separating from Joe. Friend Season 4, Season 2 reverses this revelation, proving once again that Joe is incapable of making real change. Joe seems to be better in London, but he doesn’t realize what he’s still obsessed with. It may seem like a faint revelation if Joe has never had a hallucination before, but his previous experiences have prepared him perfectly for the future. Reese squirmed.

in spite of Friend Having mocked Joe’s schizophrenia for 4 seasons, Reese’s revelations worked hard to challenge audiences’ trust in Joe as the narrator. Over the past few seasons, Friend Joe has proven to be an unreliable narrator, but Friend Season 4 takes it to the next level, possibly changing the show forever. Friend Season 5 is yet to be confirmed, but if the story continues, it will be interesting to see how Joe will delve into the darkest corners of his soul.

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