World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Herbalism Farming Guide

The new extension is World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion Here, like all classes, Herbalism has been redesigned from previous expansions. dragon family The occupations have been reworked to make the whole thing more complicated. Right now, the correct application of these new changes is as important as good farming practices.

The first thing to deal with is how herbalism has changed. dragon family, Herbalism currently has three skills, Dexterity, Sensitivity and Perception, and three feats, Harvest, Botany, and Elemental Mastery. Every 3 points of Dexterity increases the harvest speed by 1%, every 10 points of Dexterity increases the yield of Herbs nodes by 1%, and every 10 points of Wisdom increases the chance of obtaining rare herbs by 1%. Players should strive to use specialized skills to maximize all three of these skills to effectively cover their harvest routes.

The best herbal building in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

According to Wowhead, once Herbalism reaches level 25, players can begin to unlock and improve feats using the new knowledge points currency. If the player can earn enough points Dragon Server and connectivity issues, and they’ll want to put it all into the Botany major’s 40-point Botany core feature. This gives a total of 40 Dexterity, 15 Dexterity, and 15 Intelligence when collecting herbs and allows the player to continue riding while collecting herbs.

At this point, the player must have enough Herbs to unlock the second specialization. For the purposes of this build, to maximize all three skills, players should choose Harvest. Get 40 points in the Core Harvest trait, then invest the remaining 35 in afforestation (40 vertices have no effect). This will grant an additional 40 Herb Skills, 10 Dexterity, 20 Sensitivity, 45 Perception and allow the player to refine higher quality herbs.

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The Best Herbal Path in World of Warcraft: Legion of Dragons

Map of Wake Coast in World of Warcraft: Legion of the Dragon, with routes marked in white

Now that the build has reached its limit, that is the collection route. The new Dracthyr Evoker Devastator build is the best race/class build for this, thanks to the 2% Perception bonus and the Ascension skill which increases flight speed. Herb nodes usually reappear every 10-15 minutes, but this can change and they have no fixed location. The best routes for previous expansions will still be roughly the same, but the best routes for Dragon Island, a new region introduced by the Legion of Dragons, are still being found. The Waking Shores route pictured above seems to be the best route by far.

If the player gets stuck or gets frustrated with this route, they can try a different collecting route or pause using one of the other game features, such as pet chips. enter World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion.


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