Make It Fly! MOD APK (Free rewards) 1.4.18

To fly, you need a plane made by Make It Fly! if. But whether it works or not depends on what you create. Take part in aircraft building and implement a series of best ideas. Use different parts to create a complete plane. Take to the sky the best propulsion and prove your talent to the world. A master craftsman always has a way to increase his efficiency. This journey, although difficult, has brought us a lot of meaning.

Building aircraft often requires complex materials and engines. But it’s too short-sighted and simply doesn’t reach everyone. Make it fly! brings simplicity, not dullness. Shine the way you want. The craftsmanship will always be respected for the special effects it produces. Not only can you thrive, but you can also demonstrate your talent. Try everything and find out what makes you successful in every situation.

Download and let it fly! mod – create plane

From the materials available, build an airplane that you think works. Match them together according to the pre-recommended drawings. After the product is finished, we can fly it to test its performance. Drag the slingshot and use that force to shoot the plane further. Your build is successful when the plane reaches the desired destination. It is also the key to unlocking more difficult levels later. Challenging is behind you, use your creative intelligence to conquer. Get creative with the ideas you need to achieve breakthroughs.

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Component Unlock

Without the raw materials, we couldn’t build the plane we wanted. Unlocking the necessary parts is the best way to successfully complete the mission. These documents require you to pay a certain fee to own them. But flexibility and integrity will be enhanced to ease requirements. Plus, it puts the documents available to work with. This will help your money be used for the right purpose. Make sure the plane has all the parts like wings, fuselage, propellers, etc. A smooth flight will bring us considerable income.

Make it fly Mods for free

upgrade accessories

Homemade aircraft will not be as powerful as modern aircraft. So accessories are used to help it fly more efficiently. These accessories are divided into three sections: Slingshot, Engine and Bonus. The slingshot is responsible for the farthest launch force, allowing the aircraft to reach its limit. Upgrades will help you fly stronger and farther at relatively long distances. The upgraded engine will become more powerful and extend the flight time. Finally, there is a bonus that increases the rewards you get from each flight. These are all factors that will help you achieve the best results.

let it fly mod apk

Various maps

Each chapter will take us to a different land to test the product. That’s when you can witness the majestic wonders of nature with your own eyes. Green grasslands, sky and big barns come from the mountains. Each place will have a way of flying and the obstacles are arranged randomly. Challenge your every flight to see if it can be fully accomplished with Make It Fly! mode or not.

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Download and let it fly! MOD APK for Android (Free Bonus)

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