Why Star Wars Has Delayed Andor Season 2


  • Andor Season 2 has been delayed, likely to 2025, disappointing fans who enjoyed the intense, character-driven drama of Season 1.
  • The delay in production of the second season is believed to be a knock-on effect of the strike.
  • Despite the delays, 2025 is shaping up to be a big year for Star Wars, with the release of The Mandalorian Season 4 and Andor Season 2 promising a bright future for the series.

Andor Season 2 has officially been delayed, with most now expecting it to be released in 2025. Andor Season 1 of Tony Gilroy’s Extraordinarily Dark hit on Disney+ Star Wars The TV show tells one of the darkest real-life stories yet set in this beloved galaxy.The film stars Diego Luna as Cassian Andor and is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the story takes an unusual approach – ditching the typical fan service and Easter eggs in favor of more intense, character-driven drama.The first season received rave reviews and the setting was perfect Andor Season 2.

Produced in Andor Season 2 was halted in July with just two weeks of filming remaining due to a strike by the cast and writers. Given the situation, it’s widely believed that restarting filming will be Disney’s top priority. Instead, there has been no news since the strike ended, with recent statements from Lucasfilm and Disney confirming the following rumors: Andor Season 2 has been delayed – possibly to 2025.

All the Star Wars Movies and TV Shows in 2024 After a solid year with Star Wars 2023, viewers can look forward to a ton of new content in 2024, especially TV shows on Disney+.

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Lucasfilm needs more time to commission new shows

Cassian Andor Episode 2

preliminary report Andor Season 2’s delays have been blamed on a strike, but that seems unlikely given the short time it took to complete production. The most likely reason is a bit complicated and has to do with background issues that most viewers aren’t aware of; the fact that Lucasfilm isn’t really commissioning that many TV shows in the future.Disney and Lucasfilm recently confirmed 2024 Star Wars Slate, which includes only four TV shows – two live-action, two animated.

2024 Star Wars Slate is composed of:

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3

Star Wars: Jedi Legend Season 2

Production has not started yet The Mandalorian Season 4, the script hasn’t been written yet Ahsoka Season 2 (not yet officially approved).this means Andor Season 2 is actually the last thing Lucasfilm has in store.This is the ripple effect of the writers’ strike; the future Star Wars The TV series hasn’t been written yet, let alone in a state where filming can begin.Given this background, it is reasonable to assume Andor Season 2 was delayed to give Lucasfilm some breathing room.

2025 is going to be a big year for Star Wars

Cassian is in Nakina 5 Prison in Andor.

However, it does mean that 2025 is going to be a great year Star Wars. The Mandalorian Season 4 is expected to be released that year, meaning Lucasfilm’s flagship TV show will be released in the same year as the critically acclaimed second season of the hit show.What’s more, it’s worth noting that there may be other animated shows in the works – hopefully Star Wars: Phantasm The third season means more unrestricted beautiful stories Star Wars Canon.It is disappointing AndorWhile it may be delayed, the future does look bright.

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