The Truth Of Joel’s Scar Is The Last Of Us’ Biggest (& Best) Game Change

The following references try to take their own lives. This article also includes spoilers for Episode 9 of The Last of Us.

the last survivor Episode 9 reveals the truth behind Joel’s scar, marking the biggest and best change from the original the last survivor game.The beginning of the series, namely the last survivor In episode 3, Ellie first asks Joel about his scars when the duo arrive in Bill and Frank’s small town. Ellie asks Joel where it came from and Joel reveals that someone shot him but missed.

exist the last survivor Episode 9 reveals the truth about how Joel got the scar. While traveling through Salt Lake City to the Fireflies, Joel and Ellie come across an abandoned U.S. military camp, and Joel recalls being placed in a similar camp shortly after Sarah’s death. Joel admitted he went there to heal the scar, and later revealed the exact origin of the scars in one of the the last survivor The most tragic scene episode 9.

Joel’s scars self-inflicted after Sarah’s death

Right after explaining why he was at camp, Joel stopped and said: “is me. I’m the one who missed.Joel explains to Ellie that in the days after Sarah was killed, he no longer saw the meaning of life. He then attempted to take his own life, then flinched as he pulled the trigger and grazed the side of his head. The reveal is interesting because Joel’s scar is not present in the original game. by HBO the last survivor Various changes were made to the game’s story in Season 1, but this scene marks Joel’s biggest and best feature.

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Joel’s Scars further pushes HBO’s characterization

Joel looks fierce in The Last of Us

Joel’s scar is one of the best changes from the original the last survivor game because it enhances the more humanity of the character that HBO allows. While Joel is one of the most popular video game characters of all time, HBO’s version goes one step further to humanize him. Added elements from Joel being hit by a panic attack the last survivor Episode 6 about his trauma after Sarah’s death the last survivor In episode 9, Pedro Pascal’s Joel was said to be more worth the investment than the original game. The true story of Joel Scar is the epitome of his humanity.

Joel Tells Ellie His Scar Completes Our Final Character Arc

Joel Watch Episode 2 Sarah The Last of Us

Aside from the fact that Joel is more human than the previous show the last survivor Episode 9, Joel’s scar explanation completes his part of the character. Joel’s Entire Journey the last survivor Always learn to accept Ellie as her own daughter. It begins with Sarah in the last survivor Episode 1, setting up Joel’s arc perfectly. From determining why he was cold, aloof, and down after the time jump in episode 1, to making his character instantly sympathetic, Joel’s arc begins in series premiere.

After that, Joel became extremely withdrawn, especially with Sarah. Whenever Sarah is mentioned, it’s obvious. the last survivor In episode 6, to get rid of the psychological trauma, Joel immediately erected an emotional barrier and took action.and the last survivor In episode 9, Joel’s character arc was completed. From talking openly with Ellie about Sarah and her death, to admitting that he tried to take his own life after Sarah’s death, Joel finally allowed himself to open up more thanks to his relationship. Ellie’s new relationship with him.

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Joel and Ellie’s relationship strengthens in The Last of Us Episode 9

This scene also strengthens the bond between Joel and Ellie this the last survivor Part 1. There is no scene in the game that revolves around Joel’s scar, and Joel and Ellie’s familial and familial feelings for each other are mostly unspoken. Although the two clearly care about each other, the ending of the original work the last survivor The game doesn’t have any public moments to show this of Joel outside of hospital brutality. By including this scene the last survivor However, in episode 9, Joel and Ellie are able to tell each other how they feel in subtle ways.

Joel reinforces his paternity for her in the HBO drama by saying it wasn’t time that Ellie herself healed him. the last survivor end. Likewise, Ellie replies that she’s glad Joel’s attempt to end her life was unsuccessful and subtly tells him that he means a lot to her in return. All of this makes the scene so compelling the last survivor‘ That’s the best thing about the characters, the development of the story, and most importantly, the big themes of love and family.

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