Why Natasha Lyonne Almost Said No To American Pie

Teen Comedies 1999 american cake is one of the most iconic films about sex and dating, but Natasha Lyonne is barely in the cast. The first major film debut of a young cast that includes Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan and Mena Suvari, this story follows clueless high school students who want to lose their virginity. Leon’s bold and knowledgeable Jessica stands out from the rest. The movie grossed over $200 million (from the Box Office Mojo), and the scene where Bigger’s character Jim gets intimate with an apple pie in the kitchen is still surprising years later.

Leon plays her american cake That same year, she played Vivian Abromowitz in the 1998 comedy film Slums in Beverly Hills. She continues to play confident and assertive characters, from Megan Bloomfield but I’m a cheerleader Nadia Vulvokov in Netflix’s Time Loop series Russian dolls with Nikki Nichols at Orange is the new black. It has become an important part of her career. it’s hard to imagine american cake Lyonne isn’t dry and funny when she talks to Tara Reid’s character Vicky, but the actor recently explained why she’s not sure if Jessica’s (Jessica) character would say “yes” or not. .

Natasha Lyonne almost didn’t make American Pie because she didn’t understand

Talk about surf coachLyonne shared that she couldn’t understand american cake And consider turning down the role. she speaks, “I’ll tell you the truth, I was stumped by this movie. For me, the confusion comes from — it’s very, almost like a suburban high school experience that I don’t identify with at all.‘ Lyonne explained that because she lives in New York City, she doesn’t find herself in american cake A character who lives in the suburbs. She was so glad she did because then she was able to”Had a huge indie film career spanning decades.” (through people).

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Natasha Lyonne’s American Pie role is essential

Natasha Lyonne as smiling Jessica in American Pie

by natasha lyone american cake The character of Jessica contributes to the humorous tone of the film when she is frank, honest and does not think that sex is a topic worth emphasizing. When Vicky is “right time“Sleeping with boyfriend Kevin Miles (Thomas Ian Nicholas), Jessica said,”It’s not a space shuttle, it’s sexWhile the other characters worry about not losing their virginity when they graduate from high school, Jessica keeps her cool and appears to be smarter than her peers. not everyone though american cake The movie is good, and Jessica is a memorable presence and the perfect example of a smart, sarcastic teenager waiting for her real life to begin.

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