Why Batman Is So Important To The DC Universe’s Flash

speed The movie stars two Batmans – Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton – which makes sense given Barry Allen’s history with Bruce Wayne in the DCEU. Although DC will be launching two different Batman series in the next few years batman part 2 And brave and daring, speedTwo Batmen has a simpler explanation. speed The film deals with time travel and the multiverse, allowing the film to combine Michael Keaton’s Batman with the continuity of Tim Burton’s films despite taking place within the DCEU. More than just nostalgia for Batman, Keaton’s Batman in speed Continuing with the connection between Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne of the DCEU.

Ben Affleck’s Batman is the only member of the Justice League confirmed so far speed. Although not much is known speedUpcoming DC movies are expected to primarily take place in a different timeline or universe than the DCEU. speed The trailer shows Barry interacting with the various Batman and Kryptonians he knows, and why General Zod is involved speed. In addition to time travel and the multiverse, speed There is a unique opportunity to develop the character of Barry Allen better through his two versions of Batman.

Explain the history of Batman and The Flash in the DCEU

Batman and The Flash have a close relationship in the DCEU. Although Barry Allen only appeared in Alliance justiceFifth entry in the original DCEU, ending with steel manFlash’s first interaction with Batman took place at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This seemingly paradoxical phenomenon can be explained by time travel, as suggested by Snyder Alliance justice The sequel will end with Barry going back in time to prevent Lois Lane’s death at the hands of Darkseid. The Flash is one of the few surviving members of the Justice League from the Knithmare timeline, and his ability to time travel will give Batman a second chance.

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Therefore, in Batman vs Superman, Barry suddenly appeared, trying to warn Batman about Superman and Lois Lane. However, The Flash came too soon – before Ben Affleck’s Batman formed the Justice League. This creates an interesting scene where Batman and The Flash actually meet Alliance justice, Bruce is familiar with Barry’s powers and suits. Batman isn’t entirely sure how The Flash’s powers work, but he can tell it was the one who warned him about Superman in the Batcave. For this reason, Bruce Wayne is very protective of The Flash Alliance justice.

Also, the DCEU’s Flash is younger than the rest of the Justice League. Batman has historically worked well with companions, and at some point in the DCEU, Bruce Wayne lost Robin. Batman vs Superman Batman is shown at its lowest point after Robin’s death at the hands of the Joker, but Alliance justice Seeing a version of Bruce Wayne helps restore his trust in others. That’s why Batman is ready to once again direct another hero. This time it’s The Flash. The idea is that Bruce even gave Barry a new suit Alliance justicebut this doesn’t make it into the movie

Why Ben Affleck’s Batman Has To Return In The Flash

Ben Affleck's Batman and The Flying Fox in The Flash

Assuming Bruce and Barry are in Alliance justice, The Flash’s first solo movie in the DCEU needs Ben Affleck’s Batman. It makes sense for the Justice League’s heroes to appear in a solo film, as it answers the question “Where is the Justice League when this or that happens?” Also, Batman is basically The Flash’s mentor in the DCEU. While this dynamic of Bruce and Barry isn’t present in the comics, it does work in the DCEU. Bruce Wayne has been fighting crime for decades, while Barry Allen just became The Flash. For comparison, Arrow is Arrow’s mentor in the Arrowverse.

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what exactly is it? speed It’s hard to say if the film will lead to the DCEU timeline or whether it will connect to James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DC Universe. still, speed could have been considered the closing chapter of the original DCEU series. For example, Ben Affleck originally confirmed that speed It will be his last appearance as Batman. When Ben Affleck Batman Appears Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Preliminary info, Affleck’s Batman cameo aquatic 2 By no means certain. With DC Studios’ new Batman movie, brave and daringin works, speed Maybe the end of Affleck’s Batman journey.

How Michael Keaton’s Batman Fits into the DCEU’s The Flash Story

Michael Keaton Returns as Bruce Wayne in The Flash

speed Indirect Bright spot Adapted but it still draws a lot of inspiration from the 2011 DC Comics reboot of the comics. In that story, Barry has to team up with a completely different Batman than the one he knows – Thomas Wayne instead of Bruce. Wayne.exist speed In the film, Bruce played by Michael Keaton played Batman instead. Audiences may be familiar with Keaton’s Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton’s Batman films, but DCEU’s Barry is not. Barry Allen’s relationship with a particular Batman (and not Keaton) created an interesting dynamic between them.

When it comes to the DC multiverse, doubling the multiverse is often the same in many ways, and the same applies to Batman. Keaton’s Batman is very different from Affleck’s, but both are versions of Bruce Wayne. So it will be interesting to see the interactions between the DCEU’s Barry Allen and the Burtonverse’s Batman, as Barry knows well what to expect from Bruce Wayne. Bruce and Barry get along pretty quickly in the DCEU, which may not necessarily be the case in this parallel universe. speed Also acting as a bridge between Affleck’s Batman and Keaton’s Batman, who learns from this distinct Bruce that Barry Allen knows.

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Why Batman and The Flash Are a Dynamic Duo

Batman and The Flash in Justice League 2017

Bruce Wayne as Barry Allen’s superhero mentor may be a dynamic DCEU character, but Batman and The Flash are closely linked in DC Comics lore. Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen were both orphaned after a tragedy as children, which made them future detectives and superheroes. The Justice League typically consists of demigods, aliens, Mother Box-powered cyborgs, and space rangers who have access to the Guardians of the Universe’s knowledge. . As such, Batman and The Flash are the few human members of the team. Apparently, The Flash has superpowers and Batman doesn’t.

event Bright spot The reboot, which continues to be revisited in the DC comics, makes the connection between Barry and Bruce all the more important to DC. Bright spot Starting with Barry Allen trying to prevent his mother’s death is something Bruce Wayne wishes he could do. Flash and Batman are shaped by the same experience, but Barry is actually capable of at least trying to change it. speed The movie’s trailer shows Barry and Bruce discussing time travel, which could make for an emotional moment between The Flash and Batman. Bruce knows what Barry is going through, but Batman also knows not to tamper with the timeline.

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