Who Is Mel Tiangco Husband? Is She Married? Relation With Jay Sonza

People are interested to know more about Mel Tiangco’s husband. Mel Tiangco (Carmela Corro Tiangco) is a Filipino television personality and news anchor. She is a multi-award winning news anchor and regular on GMA News and Public Affairs. Tiangco rose to prominence in Philippine television news shows after graduating from De La Salle University. She started her television career in September 1981, hosting the cultural program “Encore” and hosting the news show “Newscenter 4” on the state-owned channel MBS.

Mel worked in a government station until the Marcos dictatorship ended. She then moved to ABS-CBN and became the co-host of Balita Ngayon, the network’s former news outlet. From 1987 to 1995, she became famous as one of the first anchors of TV Patrol, ABS-CBN’s flagship news show.

She hosted GMA Network’s Saksi from 1996 to 1999, and Frontpage: Ulat ni Mel Tiangco from 1999 to 2004. She hosted the talk shows Mel & Jay, Mel & Joey, with writer-comedian and TV host Joey de Leon , and Sanib Puwersa with Arnold Clavia with fellow journalist Jay Sonzo. Let’s move on to know more about Mel Tiangco’s husband.

Information about Mel Tiangco’s husband

Tiangco has not announced her relationship status, so it is not clear if she is married or in a relationship. People were curious about the details of Mel Tiangc’s marriage. As soon as new information about her relationship becomes available, it will be updated. Her three children are Jose Miguel, Ana Teresa and Melanie.

There is no information about her husband’s name. Mel prefers to keep his personal things hidden. This information will be updated instantly. Tiangco’s son is Wency Cornejo, a musician best known as the lead singer of the Filipino rock band AfterImage (active in the 1990s).

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Jay Sonza’s Relationship Timeline

The feud between Tiangco and Jay Sonza, former co-host of Mel & Jay and ABS-CBN, is the focus of GMA-7. Mel & Jay, a defunct ABS-CBN show, aired from 1989 to 1996. It took 16 years to complete the study. In response to the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss ABS-CBN’s lawsuits against Tiangco, Sonza and GMA-7, GMA-7 issued an official statement in March 2011. Tiangco and Sonza presented Mel & Jay, an ABS-CBN Sunday TV show.

The Supreme Court found that the termination of their contract with ABS-CBN was permissible and that GMA-7 was not affected by the departure of Melo and Jay from the network. According to the statement, “there was no evidence that GMA convinced Mel and Jay to leave ABS-CBN because they had already canceled their contracts with ABS-CBN when the two transferred to GMA.”

Mel Tiangco

This media standard is accepted globally. A news anchor, whether written or broadcast, cannot advertise a product. He or she is not authorized to solicit support using the credibility gained as a journalist. This is what prompted ABS-CBN to suspend Tiangco, despite the fact that the general public does not know about it. Mel was punished by being suspended from the post of co-host of TV Patrol and the radio program Mel & Jay for three months without pay. However, she continued to appear on Mel & Jay on Sundays. Later, Jay left ABS-CBN, while Mel left the network indefinitely and refused to film for the program.

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