Who is Matthew Stafford’s wife? He is married to Kelly Stafford and they have 4 children!

The Los Angeles Rame are back in the NFL playoffs and as you watch the big game against the Detroit Lions, you might be wondering about quarterback Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly!

We’ve compiled information about Kelly and her four daughters for you to see!

Read on to learn about Kelly Stafford, including information about her 4 children, her brain tumor surgery, and more.

Read on for some quick facts…

Kelly and Matthew met in college

Kelly was a cheerleader for the University of Georgia Bulldogs, while Matthew was the starting quarterback. They met in college in 2006 and began dating. They are still HUGE fans of the Georgia football team, and if you follow Kelly on Instagram, you know that she and her daughters always show their pride in her team.

Kelly and Matthew have 4 children together

Kelly and Matthew have four little daughters together! Chandler and Sawyer, who will turn six in March, Hunter, 4, and Tyler, who will turn 3 in June!

He had a brain tumor in 2019

In 2019, Kelly underwent surgery after doctors discovered a tumor that rested on her cranial nerves and caused her to feel dizzy. She underwent a 12-hour surgery and, fortunately, it was non-cancerous.

He described his initial symptoms in an essay for ESPN, writing: “I was in Michigan and had just gotten a massage. When I came out, I just didn’t feel right. “I felt dizzy and felt like the world was spinning around me.”

He underwent tests and discovered he had an acoustic neuroma, or vestibular schwannoma.

“My biggest fear is not being here and not being here to raise my daughters,” she wrote. “When I came home to hug my daughters after the diagnosis, I knew I needed to get through this. I tried not to go down the rabbit hole when it came to the worst. “I wanted to focus on positivity.”

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“Matthew was amazing throughout the entire process,” she added. “He was literally by my side every step of the way.”

We are so glad Kelly has made a full recovery!

They underwent IVF to conceive their twins

Kelly posted on Instagram several years ago: “2 years ago today, Matthew and I began the journey to fatherhood. We are beyond grateful for the science behind IVF and what it has brought to our lives. For anyone going through this, remember you are not alone and keep the faith. #ivf #ivftwins”

They spent most of their time in Michigan

Matthew was originally drafted by the Detroit Lions and played most of his career at Michigan. He was eventually traded to the Rams, while the Lions landed Jared Goff.

she is a podcaster

Kelly hosts a podcast, The Morning After, every Tuesday! You can check the program’s Instagram.

She is from a football family!

Kelly’s brother is Chad Hall, a former NFL wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. He is currently the wide receivers coach for the Buffalo Bulls.

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