What’s Next For Buck After Big 9-1-1 Cliffhanger Teased By Star

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Series head Oliver Stark discusses at length what happens next to Buck in 9-1-1, after that tense and unexpected showdown.

This article contains key revelations for 9-1-1 Season 6, Episode 10 9-1-1 After star Oliver Stark discussed that spoiler. Back with the first episode since November, 9-1-1 Titled “The Moment,” the tenth episode of season six ended with Evan “Buck” Buckley (Stark) being struck by lightning while on a phone call. As time ran out, Buck’s friends and colleagues rushed to seek the help needed to save his life. Buck was loaded into an ambulance and efforts were made to rehabilitate the firefighters’ hearts.

in an interview pack discuss 9-1-1 In this episode, Stark foretells something else for Buck in the future. Actor revealed next 9-1-1 Continuing directly where the previous part left off, viewers will see the relentless effort to save Buck’s life. In the excerpt below, Stark also reveals that the story will make audiences worry:

“The next episode takes place exactly at the end of this episode, so all the urgency and confusion continues – right at the beginning of episode 11, we see them trying to save one of them, Buck’s Life…it’s a very tough thing – get out of your seat and go for a ride [kind of] episode. “

What else will Barker have in season 6 of 9-1-1?

In the same interview, Stark seems to confirm Buck’s fate after the crash. The star of the famous procedural drama admits the fact that 9-1-1 Often puts the character in danger. The same goes for its derivatives, 9-1-1 Lonely Star, often puts traditional knowledge at risk. Stark continued, “There is much more to this emergency and the disaster that has befallen Buck. “He also mentioned this in particular 9-1-1 A compelling storyline has a lasting effect, bringing more tragic thoughts to the minds of the characters and allowing them to gauge what really matters.

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But that’s not all sadness for Buck. While he faces some difficulties with his sister Maddie, there is a sense of unity when everyone comes together to see Zhiyun, Maddie and Chimney’s children, due to their family ties. tension (resolved with humor in the episode). Feel. It’s not easy for Chimney to do that, especially when he’s tired and paranoid about the relative lack of drama, but it’s one of the episode’s softer highlights.

The same goes for Buck in general. He is used as a source of strength and positive power 9-1-1 Cosmos, even in the episode where he gets hit by a light. Just a few scenes earlier, he’s alluding to Bobby’s secret to the perfect recipe. It will be interesting to see how this harrowing experience changes him and what that means for the status quo of the series.

Source: TheWrap

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