The Best Weapons to Use in Choo-Choo Charles

There are four weapons that can be used to repel Charles in Choo-Choo Charles. Each weapon has different damage, range, rate of fire, and slows.

In spite of Chu Chu Charles Try to destroy the demon train, the weapon in the game is not a traditional gun. Instead, the player mounts the weapon at the back of the ship so that if Charles shows up, they can shoot him to subdue him. There are four types of weapons available Chu Chu Charles There is fire rate, slow, range and damage ranging from 1 to 5.

Four weapons are available Chu Chu Charles It’s Derailer, Bug Spray, The Boomer and Bob (sounds like the word high life). While the Derailer is available to all players at the start of the game, other weapons require exploring the island and completing some NPC quests. Derailer is a machine gun, Bug Spray is a flamethrower, Boomer is a grenade launcher, and Bob is a twin-barreled turret. The player won’t be able to kill Charles until the end of the game, but these weapons help slow him down, giving the protagonist more time to prepare for the final battle.

How to Unlock All Weapons in Choo-Choo Charles

In Choo-Choo Charles, the Derailer is attached to the back of the player's train

When the game starts, the derailleur is attached to the player’s train. The gun was designed as an intermediate weapon Chu Chu Charleswith 2 damage, 3 range, 3 slow and 3 rate of fire. Just like the player has to upgrade his armor Chu Chu Charles, they can’t complete the entire game with just the original weapon. They will have to temporarily bypass other game objectives to find the remaining three weapons.

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Bug Spray comes from Help Sgt. Flint extinguishes the fire in the warehouse after testing his plan to protect the house in the Spider Ship. The player needs to flip a nearby water tower onto the warehouse to complete the mission. Bug Spray is a weak weapon Chu Chu Charles At 1 damage and 1 range. However, if Charles gets too close to the train, the player can use Bug Spray’s slow fire rate of 5 and 5 to knock him back. Also, like a flamethrower The Last of Us 2 Visible, fun to play with fire.

Weapons in Choo Choo Charles

Boomer belongs to demolition worker John Smith. All the player needs to do to get the grenade launcher is to get some rockets from the bunker near John. In Choo-Choo Charles, Boomer deals the highest damage of any weapon with 5 damage. The trade-off for this power is 2 range, 1 slow and 1 rate of fire.

Bob is named after the weapons owner’s late husband, Gertrude. The player must be fully armed by picking up crates from a camp full of thugs near Gertrude. Bob’s attributes are 3 Damage, 5 Range, 2 Slow, and 2 Fire Speed. This makes Bob a better alternative to the mid-range trailer. A fun experience with weapons Chu Chu Charles It will really satisfy players’ cravings for horror games coming out in 2023. If players want to see each weapon mission in action for more details, they can watch the video. by Puppy Games on Youtube below:

Source: YouTube/Puppy Game

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