What Coruscant Looks Like Under The City Layer

warning! This article contains spoilers for Episode 3 of Season 3 of The Mandalorian.

Palestinians Season 3 Episode 3 offers a new look at Coruscant, but there are still many unanswered questions Star Wars‘ Iconic planet. Introduced in Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom MenaceCoruscant is transparent Star Wars A prequel trilogy continues to be revisited to this day. By detailed description Star Wars Fiction or beautiful scene has been established, the capital of the Republic is still being discovered.

Told primarily through the perspective of Dr. Pershing (Omid Abtahi) and Elia Kane (Katy M. O’Brian), Palestinians Season 3 episode 3, “The Convert”, depicting areturn of jedi crystal. An interesting scene is when Dr. Pershing and former officer Kane visit Umate, the highest mountain on Coruscant, the summit visible from city level. This raises the question of how far away Coruscant really is and what the planet looks like outside of the cityscape.

Coruscant’s lowest level is uninhabitable

Coruscant’s city class is officially recognized as a city in space and is thought to have more than 5,000,000 layers, making it nearly impossible to observe Earth’s actual rock. Trillions of people lived on Coruscant, the political center of the time Star Wars For centuries, it was easy to forget that there was something beneath the majestic, almost terrifying cityscape. While Coruscant could easily be divided into the upper sector, where the Jedi Temple and Senate are located, and the lower sector, where the vast majority of the population lived, the lowest layer of the Earth could not practically be. can stay.

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Anything that is not on the first tier of the Coruscant cityscape, where the poor and non-Jedi citizens live, is often referred to as the lower tier of Coruscant. Such naming, however, fails to realize that Coruscant is much more than a city class. Even so, Coruscant is still thought to be uninhabitable below the 5,000-degree urban galactic life, which makes sense considering that this “level” must serve as the basis for dense structures. Earth’s other ambitions. Not to mention how there is no natural light at an absolute lower level.

What do we know about the Coruscant minimum?

Coruscant Level 1313

Although Coruscant Star Wars The galaxy, both in terms of the universe and in terms of the franchise, knows very little about the planet at its lowest level. Star Wars The prequel trilogy revisited the term Extended Universe when naming the galactic capital, describing only the upper floors of Coruscant, focusing on locations such as the Jedi Temple, the Senate, and the Opera House. .other Star Wars stories like this Clone war with Timothy Zane’s throw They have since explored the lower regions of Coruscant, but none of these areas extend beyond the city level. Star Wars however, revealed Coruscant’s Level 4, in Star Wars Adventure #25 By Delilah S. Dawson and Margaux Saltel.

In the story, young Princess Leia and Emmeline Holdo discover an ancient temple containing a large number of what may be kyber crystals. Not much has been revealed about the mystical temple, although it may predate the Jedi Council. hitherto, Star Wars Focusing on the contrast between the upper and lower Coruscant leads to moments like Ahsoka’s understanding of how the majority of the planet’s population perceives the Jedi. Clone war Part 7. Visiting the absolute minimum of Coruscant has yet to happen and it could reveal the secrets of the Jedi and the entire galaxy.

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Star Wars Reveals Coruscant’s Darkest Secret

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