Elden Ring: How To Get Collapsing Stars

Collapsing Stars is a gravity spell Elden’s ring Fires a stream of gravitational balls flying at the target, damaging them and pulling them towards the operator. The bullets move at an incredible speed, making them difficult to dodge. Those who have fought Starscourge Radahn will recognize this spell as Mad General during his second boss fight phase. Elden’s ring. While the spell won’t be as effective as Radahn’s version, of course, the user can still use the Fallen Star to quickly lure enemies in from a distance for close combat.

Falling Stars requires 36 Intelligence and deals decent damage at a low cost. Spells can also be charged for stronger effects. However, the gravity of the Falling Star can also be a potential disadvantage for the player in certain situations. For example, while directional ballistics are useful for agile enemies like the Blackblade Assassin, dragging the Assassin directly to the controller’s position is not optimal. Also, when forming a party, mages can inadvertently pull bosses away from another ally’s attack or ability. Therefore, it is important to know when you can make the best use of the Falling Stars.

Crashing Star Magic’s location is War-Dead Catacombs Depth of Rot Elden’s ring. The entrance to this dungeon was located in the northeast corner of the vast battlefield east of Kelid. Keep in mind that the area will be unexplorable until Dim defeats Radan and gains access to the Eternal City of Nokron. However, once he is defeated, adventurers can quickly head to the Starscourge Radahn’s Place of Grace and head north to the cliffs in search of the War-Dead Catacombs.

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The location of the fallen star in the Elden Ring

Upon entering the dungeon, Tarnished encounters a central room filled with the souls of the Cleanrot Knights and Radhan Warriors fighting to the death. Usually, they will spawn at the same level as the entrance, but they can also appear and join the battle at the old level below. These enemies are very powerful and can be very dangerous even for intermediate to advanced players. Elden’s ringTherefore, visitors should sneak past the fighters or use stealth magic to sneak past them.

After going through the front door, turn right, then turn left at the corner. Fall into the rot and wade through the chests at the end of the room. Open the chest as soon as possible, pick up the Collapsed Star and exit the area before getting the Crimson Rot.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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