Walking Dead’s New Community Hint Teases A Happy Ending (For Some)

A happy ending is far from guaranteed in The Walking Dead, but season 11’s new community tease suggests at least some remaining survivors could find peace in the series finale. The Walking Dead‘s final hour is rapidly approaching, and the odds are stacked firmly against a “happily ever after.” Not only has The Walking Dead set a precedent for misery, but even if Pamela Milton is dealt with, at least two far bigger threats await in the form of variant zombies and the CRM. Furthermore, AMC’s Walking Dead franchise will continue through a series of spinoffs, indicating some kind of trouble on the horizon.

Nevertheless, The Walking Dead season 11, episode 19 (“Variant”) hints toward a happy ending for one group of protagonists. The episode sees Jerry, Aaron, Lydia and Elijah hide in a former Ye Olde Renaissance Faire theme park, taking advantage of its solid walls and high structures. As the gang leave after a pleasant and uneventful stay where nothing of note happened whatsoever, Aaron compares the compound to Ezekiel’s old Kingdom community, pondering, “Feels more like this place was built for King Jerry.” Unable to hide his glee, Jerry admits, “I like the sound of that.” The Walking Dead season 11 could be hinting toward the rise of Kingdom 2.0 for the show’s ending.

Why Jerry Leading A New Kingdom Makes Sense

Even if Aaron was speaking in jest, Jerry presiding over a new Kingdom built from The Walking Dead season 11’s renaissance compound makes an awful lot of sense. Jerry has always maintained an enthusiasm for the Kingdom’s theatrics (even long after Ezekiel abandoned them), believing the charade fostered a sense of community. Moreover, Jerry has already taken Ezekiel’s place as a leader in The Walking Dead. The former king is happy to settle down with his petting zoo in the Commonwealth, whereas Jerry has spent recent episodes protecting Judith and the kids, bringing Commonwealth citizens to his cause, and making preparations for an emergency. If Ezekiel doesn’t wish to lead, Jerry possesses all the attributes needed to replace him.

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It’d also feel like a waste if The Walking Dead never returned to this (surprisingly vacant) theme park settlement. With ready-made fortifications and a medieval theme, it’s surely too perfect for The Walking Dead to stay away from. Even better, the site is conveniently located between Alexandria and the Commonwealth, so if we assume The Walking Dead season 11 ends with the Commonwealth taken over by the good guys, Jerry’s Kingdom would become a natural waypoint between communities. That also brings The Walking Dead back in line with the comic books, where the Kingdom never actually falls.

Jerry’s Kingdom Can Solve A Walking Dead Ending Problem

Walking dead season 11 wasted main character

The Walking Dead faces a problem as its ending nears. The series finale is supposed to represent the culmination of 12 long years spent stabbing zombies in the brain, and a farewell to one of the biggest TV shows of all time. But viewers head into that final episode not only knowing three separate sequel spinoffs are in the works, but also that a bigger narrative is brewing with the Civic Republic, variant zombies, and the origin of the virus in France. How can The Walking Dead‘s series finale be viewed as any sort of definitive ending when such a big future is looming?

One way The Walking Dead could balance the scales is by giving some characters (those not involved in spinoffs, mainly) a happy, conclusive ending. Jerry rebuilding a new Kingdom and becoming its leader, leaving peacefully in the forest surrounded by castles and towers, at least brings some sense of closure for The Walking Dead‘s current cast. Even if Daryl, Maggie and Negan have bigger business to attend to, survivors like Jerry can settle down, fulfill their ambitions, and live happily ever after… until a variant climbs over the fence.

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The Walking Dead continues Sunday on AMC.

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