Superman’s Son Puts Perfect New Spin on Lois & Clark’s Iconic Romance

Warning: Spoiler The Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1 After regaining his secret identity, Jon Kent, son of Superman, has a brand new (and classic) romantic problem to deal with. Lois Lane and Clark Kent have always had a hard time balancing dating and managing Clark’s secret identity. But what happens when Superman’s companion is the one who keeps the secret?

Shortly after taking on the role of Superman in his father’s absence, Jon Kent began dating journalist Jay Nakamura. As Jon gets to know Jay, readers will get to know Jay, who is more than just Superman’s rival: he’s not only a daring reporter of the digital age, but with powers of his own. Jay uses his invisible powers to join Superman on many missions, including overthrowing the dictator in Camorra, Jay’s hometown. During the final mission with Henry Bendix, Superman and Jay came out as gay, which means the whole world knows Jay Nakamura is Superman’s boyfriend.

Boyfriend Can’t See Superman Dating Jon Kent

This became the source of a pretty big problem The Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1 Tom Taylor, Clayton Henry, Jody Bel Air and Wes Abbott. Jon and his father both rediscovered their secret identities action comics #1050 It’s not a perfectly perfect situation thanks to some classic Lex Luthor plots. Jon accepts the restoration of anonymity in this matter. Superman Adventures, but it also makes the relationship between him and his boyfriend become strained, because at this time Jay needs to hide his identity when dating Jon Kent. “My secret identity is “man with hat and layers”Jay grumbled at Jon. If the whole world knew that Jay Nakamura was Superman’s boyfriend, which was Superman’s boyfriend, then drama would only arise when Jay was caught with a random Metropolis citizen— In other words, Jon Kent.

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It’s funny, even seductive, to see “commoner” partners in superhero relationships having to hide their relationship, especially decades after the classic Lois “love triangle”. -Clark-Superman. Superman is usually the one to hide, but now Jay is in a whole new place in his relationship with Jon. The personal issues in this installment also bring some much-needed tension to Superman’s new relationship, which has gone well from the start.

Could this cause problems for Supermanland?

Superman's Jon Kent celebrates returning to the Met with his secret ID

Time to see some issues between Jon Kent and Jay Nakamura, the “secret identity” issue that is a proven and real source of tension in all superhero love stories. With strange characters and strange relationships finally appearing in DC Comics, it makes sense to view these classic romances from an uncanny angle. Superman Jon Kent and Jay Nakamura are currently one of DC’s most famous gay relationships; hopefully readers will continue to see them grapple with all the iconic romantic troubles superhero fans expect and even love.

The Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1 is now available from DC Comics.

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