Vin Diesel accused of sexual assault by former assistant and faces lawsuit

A former assistant to actor Vin Diesel filed a lawsuit accusing the Fast and Furious sexual assault star.

According to Vanity Fair, the alleged incident occurred during his employment in the fall of 2010. This timeline coincides with the filming of quick five. Representatives for Diesel and his production company have not given an immediate response.

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles by Asta Jonasson, the plaintiff. In the lawsuit, she reveals that she was hired by Diesel’s company, One Race. Jonasson was asked to work with the actor during the production of quick five in Atlanta.

At the time, Jonasson was a recent graduate of a Los Angeles film school program. She had responsibilities that included organizing events, accompanying Diesel to parties and staying close to him for possible photographs.

Vin Diesel faces sexual assault lawsuit

The lawsuit details an incident from September 2010. In the alleged incident, Jonasson was asked to wait in Diesel’s suite at the St. Regis Hotel late at night while he entertained club hostesses.

After the other women left, the lawsuit alleges that Diesel forcibly pushed Jonasson onto the bed by grabbing her wrists. Despite her pleas for her to stop, Jonasson managed to escape from her and positioned himself next to the suite’s front door.

The lawsuit claims Diesel approached Jonasson again and engaged in additional inappropriate behavior. The lawsuit suggests Jonasson felt unable to push back more forcefully on his supervisor because of concerns about his personal and job safety.

Hours later, according to the lawsuit, Samantha Vincent, Diesel’s sister and president of One Race, called Jonasson to terminate her employment after less than two weeks on the job. The legal filing provides a detailed description of the alleged incident and its consequences.

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