Unlocking Flying In Hogwarts Legacy Takes Way Too Long

Time spent learning to fly in the Hogwarts Legacy meant missing out on the opportunity to explore and show how vast the map is.

When the player is inside hogwarts heritage Flying lessons, several opportunities to see Hogwarts Castle and the surrounding valley from the air to demonstrate the majesty of the map has passed. Though brooms aren’t as fast as those Harry Potter Movies Now that the games are set in the past, they still make travel easier. However, the moment when the player learns to ride the broom seems to happen later in the game than usual.

The main task hogwarts heritage There is no limit to uncovering the mystery of the player’s ancient magical abilities or the Ranrok project. As players do side quests and work to collect hogwarts heritage Field guide pages where they will often walk on the map. While the Flame Floo is useful, players need to get to their position to move quickly using the flame, in which case maybe flying will save more time than walking.

Hogwarts Heritage Should Teach Flight Before Going To The Castle

Two students from the Hogwarts Heritage School ride a hippo.

The time delay for flight lessons could be intended to force players to familiarize themselves with Hogwarts Castle and the Hogsmeade area before opening the map, for an easier and quicker way to navigate. However, this seems to be a skill that Professor Fig should teach players before the school year begins, especially as other students have commented that the flying lessons are mostly for beginners. . Also, since Ranrok and Rookwood are on the player’s side, learning to fly early in the game is important for hogwarts heritage Because players will have more escape options when in danger.

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Flying can improve a player’s journey to school in Hogwarts Legacy

An image from the game Hogwarts Legacy showing a wizard looking out at Hogwarts Castle surrounded by fog

story selection hogwarts heritage It can be tedious because actions like using black magic have no consequences, and another missed opportunity is for Professor Fig and the player to use the broom to complete their trip to Hogwarts after the Key incident. port lock. It might have been more impactful to show a clip of their flight to Hogwarts Castle, which would show just how large the area is, rather than giving players a glimpse of the outside before they’re trapped. thrown into the castle. It does not force the player to run to Hogsmeade village for the first time, as having NPC companions can interfere with flying.

fly may be right hogwarts heritage The Quidditch DLC (if ever made), makes up for the half-hearted reason Principal Black gave to cancel the season. The main mission of the flight lesson is not only at the end of the game, but can also be replaced by a segment where Professor Fig tutors students before school starts to help them reach the same level as other 5th graders. . flight is taught, miss the chance to showcase a cinematic and impressive castle hogwarts heritage.

Source: Hogwarts Legacy/YouTube

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