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There are about 3 different races in the world. The three main skin tones are yellow, white and black. We all know that racism has a long history. Currently, although the levels have decreased, they are still high. Blacks are scorned by whites. Therefore, black people have to suffer a lot of disadvantages and their lives face many difficulties and troubles as a result of racism.

In addition to this story, Avega Games developed and published a shooting game called Gangs Town Story. The game revolves around the life of a black man living in a modern urban slum. His family was murdered during a racist war. With a thirst for revenge, black people become real gangsters. Gangs Town Story quickly gained attention and received high praise from the gaming community. Immediately after the game was released, the number of installations increased rapidly. Talking Tom Hero Dash, Crossfire: Survival Zombie Shooter are also some action games with relatively impressive gameplay.

Download Gangs Town Story mod – become a real gangster

In Gangs Town Story, you will live in a city without laws. There is no justice there, even in the presence of the police and the government. The problems and difficulties encountered are up to you to deal with. It’s up to you to choose to be a law enforcement or mafia. There are many risks and dangers lurking around you at any time. Gangs, police, criminals are always chasing you. Gangs Town Story helps players determine crime levels by number of stars. They are displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. The more stars you get, the more attention you get. Players who reach 3 stars or more will be wanted and hunted by the police. The only way to reduce focus right now is to go somewhere quiet, deserted. Players can still fight gangsters in underground passages and subway stations undetected.

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Gangster Story apk mod

expand the world

Gangs Town Story has a really big setting. The city you live in will be exciting and full of fun things to do. Houses, trees, even the transportation system are constantly changing. Places such as train stations and pedestrian tunnels have been fully utilized. They are the basis for the dramatic action in Gangs Town Story. Players will be deeply attracted by this non-stop battle. In particular, vehicles also do not stop moving over time. Everything is designed to be as close to reality as possible.

Download Gangs Town Story mod

Diverse arsenal

Gangs Town Story has shooting games. Therefore, weapons are considered as the main tools to help players win. Gangs Town Story brings a diverse gun system in both quantity and type. There are several types like Minigun, Grenade Launcher, RPG, Chainsaw, DM-47, М-16, Flame Thrower, Katana. Each type has certain characteristics and destructive power. In addition, Gang Town Story also provides auxiliary vehicles such as tanks and helicopters. They will help you escape and protect you. During the battle, the player can also upgrade his weapon system at the same time. With their full support, it is certain that both the gangsters and the police will have a hard time knocking you down.

many levels of experience

Coming to Gangs Town Story, players will experience many exciting matches with increasing difficulty. Every match is tense and dramatic. Thrilling chases. On the journey to become the ruler of the mafia world, players will have to interact with passersby to escape the siege of the police and the pursuit of gangsters. It was a tough battle. You have to fight hard to complete the mission. Climbing to the top of the underworld sometimes requires bloodshed, sometimes with life.

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Gangs Town Story mod for free

Gangs Town Story is a third-person shooter game. With its own plot and charm, Mob Story is different. Many of the mechanics and gameplay in Gangs Town Story are clear. Gangs Town Story will be an attractive choice for fans of shooters. Come to the game and you will no longer have a boring and tedious time. Let’s experience the new dramatic challenge in Gangs Town Story. This game promises to bring you something new.

Download Gangs Town Story MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money/Free Shopping)

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