Draw Saber MOD APK (Unlocked weapons) 0.2.3

Draw Saber is a puppet action game. A fighting game with a lightsaber in hand. The design of the game is relatively simple, but that does not detract from its appeal. Tear your opponent to pieces and make him surrender to you. The two main characters of the game are two puppets facing each other. A white puppet and a black puppet. The joints of each character’s legs and arms are clearly displayed. Each character’s sword path will be followed by a line of light of the same color. To strike the enemy quickly and accurately, the trajectory of the sword must be calculated.

A large number of fans have been and will come to Draw Saber to start an exciting experience. The action of the game is very specific and vivid. When the character is cut, the joints on the body will fire sparks like lines. At the same time, the cut character will fall to the ground and the game is over. The trajectory of the sword will help the player control the sword easily. Especially when winning, players can collect a lot of new swords and weapons. The new sword’s precise trajectory will take down enemies. If you lose and get cut, you can restart the game at the level you just lost.

Download Draw Saber mod – Control the character in the form of a puppet robot that attacks with a sword

The gameplay of Draw Saber is relatively simple if you read the instructions of the game carefully. You find out the opponent’s movement and choose the path that is easiest to destroy the enemy. Once you have determined your path, you simply draw your path on the screen. The main goal of the game is to make the sword hit the enemy with maximum force. Split the enemy’s body and face defeat. In particular, the sword lines you draw are the enemy’s swords. Given the sharpest sword, the opponent’s sword can’t reach you. In addition, your sword can reach the most important areas.

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Drawing Sword Mod

different weapons

Players earn enough money after passing a certain number of checkpoints. Players can collect or buy many new weapons. From a glowing sword shaped like a colorful mace. Or a sharp sword designed like other royal swords. There are also spears, axes, and greatswords if you need to use them. But each weapon has a different weight and delay. Therefore, controlling each weapon requires the player to be able to adjust. If the user is unfamiliar with the weapon and brings it into battle, the player is likely to experience defeat.

sword draw mod apk

diverse terrain

Despite the simple design, fighting in many different terrains will make you enjoy. Enemies are not in familiar locations, but appear in many areas. In the starry sky. On a spaceship or in the wild. A wasteland, covered with a layer of yellow space, where there are only two opponents. Although you have traveled through many different lands, you have only one enemy. The silhouettes of two black and white robots are forever imprinted on every land. Explore each area to experience all the different terrain features.

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logic game

As mentioned above, this is a tough decision for players. First, the player needs to identify the main weakness of the opponent. Once confirmed, players need to calculate which points are most likely to be affected. Where does the enemy reveal the most openings? After determining, the player must calculate the critical point of the sword way to quickly move the enemy. If the player fails to eliminate the enemy the first time, he can play over and over again. Learn from previous losses to design the best and most accurate plan possible.

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Draw Swords Apk Free

When you draw your sword, it will appear on the screen along with the enemy’s sword. Both you and your opponent move in the direction of the given blade. At the end of this level, the player will go straight to the next level. To change weapons, the player taps on the small square in the upper left corner of the screen. Download the Draw Saber mod and explore the lightsaber battle between two robot puppets.

Download Draw Saber MOD APK (Unlocked Weapons) for Android

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