Tillman Schulz Age: How Old Is He? Entrepreneur Wiki And Net Worth

Tillman Schulz is a German entrepreneur. He has a huge fan base due to his amazing talents and abilities. Let’s look at his Wikipedia page and the year. Tillman Schulz, a German businessman and investor, has been the general manager of MDS Holding GmbH & Co. since 2020. KG.

From 2023, he also invested in the popular upcoming program “Die Hohle der Lowen”. He would like to inspire entrepreneurs with his investments and provide them with advice and assistance based on his understanding of food, non-food, health and sports nutrition. Tillman also worked in the business field for years. As a managing partner of many companies, he demonstrates leadership and responsibility. He also appreciates sharing his knowledge and experience and doing everything he can to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Tillman Schulz Wikipedia: How old is the German entrepreneur?

Tillman Schulz’s Wikipedia page exemplifies his expertise and leadership skills, as well as his friendly and supportive actions. He was born on October 9, 1989 in Dortmund, and is now 34 years old. He started his business as an entrepreneur after finishing high school and working as a banker. Even as a boy, he was fascinated by family company, and the calculator on his father’s desk soon became his favorite toy.

He started working for the family business in 2012. Tillman comes from a very entrepreneurial family. His grandfather founded the company MDS, which he currently manages. He oversees Aldi’s food, beauty and pharmaceutical products, and Li has 19 companies with triple-digit sales in the millions of dollars. Schulz has also been a show investor since the 13th season of the VOX original series “Die Höhle der Löwen” which premiered in the spring of 2023. He is a newcomer to the startup world.

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Tillman Schulz takes over as manager of “DHDL” and businessman Dr. Georg Kofler. Nico Rosberg, a former racing driver, will leave the program in 2023. As a result, “DHDL” will be extended indefinitely, and Tillman Schulz will participate as an investor in seasons 14 and 15. He also oversees many businesses, including HMF Food Production, Motido, Merx Bellavie, Pro Dimi Pharma and Springrock US Corporation.

Tillman Schulz’s Family and Net Worth

Tillman Schulz is a very reserved guy when it comes to talking about his personal life. He also doesn’t say anything about his family. Despite the fact that the identity of his parents is unknown, the company MDS was named after his grandfather. Furthermore, no specific information about his parents is available. One is delighted to see his skill at such a young age. They have also been by his side throughout his career.

As already said, he was engaged in business from an early age; in the MDS company, his father and grandfather taught him the basics of business and entrepreneurship. He was also fascinated by the information orcs and wanted to learn more about the corporate sector. This is why he enrolled in business studies at his institution. Tillman’s household also includes his adoring wife. He first saw her in an Italian restaurant and linked her to his Facebook page. That’s how their love story began, and he soon moved in with his girlfriend at the time, with whom he lived for five years. Finally, after realizing that they were meant for each other, the couple got married. They have a beautiful family of four, which includes their two children.

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