Technopoly MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.0.46

The technology monopoly industry is the leading industry with extensive development. But not necessarily such people are good at leadership and creativity. You can also do this yourself if you have been instructed. Let’s work together to create a company with a highly profitable manufacturing industry. Creating growth beyond expectations and getting higher and higher. These two huge sums will be in your pocket in no time. Rich and powerful, fulfill ambitions that no one dares to dream.

Few would expect that simulation games have great appeal to players of all ages. Even with Technopoly, you won’t find any monotony in its questioning. Although the graphic design is quite simple, the game focuses more on the gameplay. Create extremely challenging missions and features for players to strive to complete. Tell us the truth that you can only succeed if you work hard. In addition, strategy is essential for us to seize opportunities.

Download Technopoly mod – Grow your billion dollar industry

We can understand that not every industry can deploy quickly. We will start with small and simple steps and grow gradually. The first step is to run your factory by generating electricity from windmills. It is a clean and stable source of energy that can be used continuously and comfortably. The next step is to create construction and transport areas using the designed products. Bring what you have to the market for widespread use. Get into the hands of those who need it and continue to profit from these. The more money we have, the easier it is to invest in other parts and make a profit.

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resource development

Resource extraction requires a specific and consistent strategy to not get bogged down. We will have expensive mining spots to find the necessary resources to operate. It includes oil, gold, iron, gems and things related to nuclear. These resources will be sent to the finished product processing and manufacturing area. Players need to speed up the progress by continuously upgrading the mining area. Help it find more quality stuff and quickly generate more money than it initially did. Of course, this will also come at a cost and take enough time to accumulate.

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new technology invention

It’s not just mining that makes your business get rich quick. Newly invented products are our most pursued goal. It will take time for scientists to create newer devices. These devices will increase the productivity of the machine production line or mining farm. Therefore, they can give you an amazing performance boost. To invent you also need a substantial investment, which is not free. Help accelerate the technological modernization of key enterprises. Maybe you will even outgrow the aliens.

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assembly parts

Are electric vehicles a good product for your company to develop and bring to market? If this is the case, enough materials and engines must be produced first. Then reassemble them on a production line developed by you. After the finished product is sold to the market, it will bring you a huge harvest. Make you richer and richer in Technopoly mod.

Download Technopoly MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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