The MCU Needs The Punisher Now More Than Ever After Marvel’s New Villain Twist


  • Kingpin has proven to be unstoppable, suggesting that the only way to truly defeat him in the Marvel Universe is to kill him.
  • In a Marvel Comics storyline Punisher MAXthe Punisher murders King in revenge for his betrayal.
  • The Punisher is the only character in the Marvel Universe willing to end Kingpin’s story for good.

Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle aka The Punisher could be the key to Kingpin’s future, and three stories from Wilson Fisk prove it a little Daredevil seasons and various MCU appearances. MCU Phases 4 and 5 have slowly integrated Netflix’s street-level Marvel series, with Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin becoming the main villain of the MCU. Wilson Fisk has already crossed paths with Clint Barton and Kate Bishop during the incident. eagle eyeafter which he seemed to take an interest in politics echoThe post-credits scene.

The Kingpin’s next appearance will likely follow his return as mayor of New York City, which has comic precedent in a 2022 Marvel Comics storyline Demon’s Reign, King used his political power to take down vigilantes. This would be the perfect revenge plan for Kingpin against Daredevil, Hawkeye, and Bullseye in the Marvel Universe, as it would help him retain influence over organized crime without having to do the dirty work himself. Of course, King won’t always be at the top, and exactly how he might be defeated has been teased.

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Related Kingpins in the MCU Explained: Backstory, What’s Canon, Comics Ties Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin officially joins the MCU after the fifth episode of “Hawkeye.” Here’s a look at his backstory, comic book connections, and canon MCU influences.

The only way Kingpin’s Marvel Universe story can truly end is if he dies

Kingpin has proven he is unstoppable unless he dies

Kingpin has been defeated many times.exist Daredevil In season one, Matt Murdock exposed Wilson Fisk’s criminal empire, beat him up, and sent him to prison.Fisk continued to run Hell’s Kitchen from behind bars and Daredevil In season three, he framed Daredevil as a villain, manipulated the FBI into ending his sentence, and cleared his name. Daredevil exposes Kingpin again and beats him to a pulp. However, Kingpin’s prison time was cut short due to “The Blip,” and he survived a point-blank shot in the face and Maya Lopez’s soul-healing attempt.

Given that Wilson Fisk cannot be stopped through physical, legal, or even mental means, it seems that the only way to defeat the Kingpin for good is to kill him. Vincent D’Onofrio will likely appear many more times in the Marvel Universe in the future, but Kingpin’s story eventually needs to come to an end, and after everything he’s done, a quiet retirement isn’t a fitting fit for the character. ending. The next question is how King will die, and which Marvel hero or antihero will take responsibility.

MCU Daredevil boss RELATED MCU’s Daredevil Needs to Get Rid of Kingpin Daredevil and Kingpin are now part of the MCU, but Marvel needs Daredevil to get rid of his old enemy in this new phase. let’s see.

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How Kingpin’s Evil Reign Ended in Marvel Comics

In the Marvel comics, the Kingpin was only truly stopped once

Daredevil and Kingpin Die Are Marvel's Best Moves in Years

Kingpin’s plan to take over New York City and persecute all vigilantes was successful throughout the period Demon’s Reign story plot. Despite being a prime target for many Marvel heroes, Wilson Fisk escaped death and authorities, passing the Kingpin mantle to his son Butch before retiring peacefully with his wife. Like his fellow Marvel heroes, Marvel Comics’ Wilson Fisk manages to return to power every time he fails, whether he attracts the attention of Daredevil, Spider-Man, or another Marvel superhero.

Kingpin met a more realistic ending in 2010 indie film Punisher MAX In the storyline, he traveled through Frank Castle and paid the price. With Wilson Fisk taking power and taking control of organized crime, Frank Castle decides the only way to stop the Kingpin is to take matters into his own hands. Without hesitation, Frank Castle arrives at Kingpin’s office, murders his bodyguard, knocks him out with a hammer, and shoots him in the head in typical Punisher fashion.

The punisher also killed kingpin Marvel Universe vs The Punisher, The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universeand secret wars.

Jon Bernthal’s Punisher Is the Perfect Character to End Kingpin’s MCU Story

The Punisher is the only Marvel movie character who might be willing to kill Kingpin

If there’s anyone who’s both capable and willing to take down Wilson Fisk, it’s Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle.The castle killed countless criminals along the way Punisher Seasons 1 and 2, savor every moment of every murder. With Jigsaw returning with a vengeance after the Punisher failed to kill him, Frank Castle will likely make sure all of his future enemies are six feet underground before moving on, especially if they’re as dangerous as the Kingpin.As a bonus, the Marvel Universe gets to punisher maxwhich has impacted Marvel shows on Netflix.

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If The Punisher kills Kingpin in a future MCU movie or TV series, he will take a burden off the shoulders of other heroes, as Daredevil, Echo, Spider-Man and other MCU street heroes avoid using lethal force to Protect New York. While most of them may not agree with the Punisher’s methods, they may view his actions as a necessary evil. Of course, Kingpin’s death will create a power vacuum, but the Punisher, Spider-Man, and the Defenders will be ready to handle it.

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