The Marvels Post-Credits Scene Explained

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Marvel.


  • The post-credits scenes of Marvel introduced two new characters: Binary, a variant of Maria Rambeau, and Beast from the X-Men series.
  • Binary is a super version of Captain Marvel who gained his cosmic powers through lair experiments in the comics.
  • There are hints that Monica and Beast may end up in Fox’s X-Men universe, but this has yet to be confirmed by Marvel Studios.

Marvel Studios Miracle There’s a post-credits scene, so let’s break down what it means for Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and beyond. The post-credits scene introduced two new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although both will be familiar faces to longtime viewers of the Marvel movies. One person’s identity is immediately obvious, while another may not be immediately recognisable, especially to viewers unfamiliar with Marvel comics.

more broadly, Miracle The post-credits scene touches on the larger themes of the multiverse saga. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige confirmed that Phases 4, 5, and 6 of the Marvel Universe make up the Multiverse Saga, which so far has seen several heroes and villains travel across the Marvel Multiverse.Although Miracle It doesn’t involve the multiverse saga’s main villain Kang and all of his variations at all, it does feature one of the three main heroes trapped in a parallel reality after saving the universe.Now, let’s break it down Miracle‘The end credits mean.

Post-credits scene: X-Men’s Beast and Binary join the Marvel Universe

After healing the rift in reality caused by Darben and the Quantum Belt, Monica Rambeau was trapped in a parallel reality. There, she wakes up in a mysterious white room and finds what appears to be her mother, Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch), sitting in a chair next to her bed.

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This characterization is in contrast to the moment when Monica is scared away by Thanos’ snap of his fingers, sitting next to Maria’s hospital bed while her mother suffers from cancer.

However, this is not the version of Maria who knew Monica, who was called Binary. As the scene unfolds, the X-Men Beast, played by returning Fox series star Kelsey Grammer, is also revealed. Other X-Men references – including X-Men Gate and Beast’s name, Charles Xavier – also appear in the scene. The scene ends with a panoramic view of Binary and her costume, which is lifted directly from the comics.

Who is Binary?Lashana Lynch’s New MCU Character Explained

When introduced in Marvel comics, Binary was essentially a super version of Captain Marvel. While Carol was living with the X-Men, she was captured and experimented on by aliens called “The Nest.” Their experiments gave Carol more cosmic power through her connection to the white hole, and with her new powers, she inherited the mantle of Binary. In recent comics, Binary became a duplicate of Carol created after focusing her efforts on forming Captain Marvel.

In terms of how the Marvel Cinematic Universe adapts the character, it seems like they’ll be adapting an earlier version of the character, especially since they’ve already shown Binary and X-Men.However, just like Captain Marvel in “Earth-838” Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, this version of Binary is most likely a variant of Maria Rambeau rather than Carol Danvers. If so, it would be a departure from the comics, but paves the way for Lynch to return to the MCU as a member of the alternate-reality X-Men.

Kelsey Grammar Returns as X-Men Beast in the MCU Multiverse

Kelsey Grammer stars as Beast in X-Men jetliner in X-Men Last Stand

Perhaps the more recognizable of the two characters introduced in MiracleThe post-credits scene features “Beast,” with Grammer returning to play the character. Grammer joined the original Fox X-Men series as Dr. Hank McCoy (aka Beast) X-Men: The Last Standand briefly appeared in X-Men: Days of Future Past. In the X-Men series, Hank McCoy was first a student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters before becoming a teacher.He is a mutant and a member of the X-Men, and the last Stand, Secretary of Mutant Affairs. It’s unclear what, if any, similarities the version of The Beast has Miracle Monica has a strong connection to the character established in the X-Men series, as the universe in which Monica ends up in has yet to be determined.

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Is this the Marvel post-credits scene for Fox’s X-Men universe?

There are undoubtedly clues that Monica may have ended up in Fox’s X-Men universe Miracle. Grammer’s return could be a sign of continuity for Fox, as he’s played The Beast before. farther, Miracle The theme music used comes from X2: X-Men United and The days to come pass In the scene, it seems to indicate a connection between the films (although Grammer doesn’t appear in X2). Finally there’s the X-Men door, which has a design that looks very similar to the Fox movie. Considering all these signs, it’s possible that Monica is headed to Fox’s X-Men universe, but that won’t be confirmed until Marvel Studios confirms it.

Ending Credits: Flerken Audio Interprets Endgame Ending Credits

Marvel's Flerken kitten floats in zero gravity

Although there is no complete scene in the end Miracle‘ In the end credits, there is an audio tag in the form of Flerken’s voice.While Marvel doesn’t often include audio post-credits stingers, there is one Avengers: the end End Game During the closing credits, the sound of Iron Man’s armor can be heard, paying final respects to the hero who started the Marvel the case of Miraclethe Flerken audio is the final joke, recalling one of the movie’s sillier scenes, in which the heroes use the Flerken to evacuate the SABER space station.

Shocking Marvel credits list: No Marvel movie characters returning

Since the early days of the Marvel Universe, some movies have ended with a text screen that read: “[Character] will return. “ In MCU Phases 4 and 5, this became more of the norm, except black widow There’s some sort of text screen confirming the character’s return from the movie. However, Miracle Bucking the trend, no confirmation is included as to whether the character will return. Of course, that’s not to say the character won’t return.This could just be a case of Marvel not wanting to choose just one hero to highlight, because Miracle The result is a team film with three leads.

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When will Captain Marvel return?

Since Carol Danvers is a member of the Avengers, Captain Marvel will likely appear next in The Avengers. Avengers: Kang Dynasty. She’s one of the most powerful Avengers left, so it makes sense for her to rejoin the Avengers to fight Kang. As of now, it’s unclear what the Avengers’ place is in the MCU, as the team hasn’t been seen focusing on the events of The Avengers. End Game. But since Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, there’s a good chance she’ll show up.

When will Ms. Marvel return?

Ms. Marvel, Stature, and Kate Bishop in the MCU

Like the other heroes, there’s no word yet on when Kamala Khan will return, but considering the film’s ending will launch a spin-off series featuring the young superhero, it’s likely that Ms. Marvel will appear in either a Young Avengers movie or Return in TV series.Whether arriving before or after Kang Dynasty to be observed.The team may be off-screen or on avengers 5 Then join the main Avengers to fight Kang, otherwise they’ll receive their own story in some form.possibly is ms marvel Season 2 is happening and shows the Young Avengers coming together, but that seems unlikely as Marvel wants to highlight the team’s name. Regardless, Ms. Marvel’s future in the MCU appears to be tied to the Young Avengers.

When will Monica Rambeau and the X-Men return?

Since Monica and the X-Men exist in a parallel reality, it’s unclear when they will return and connect back to the MCU’s story.Since this is a multiverse saga, they’ll likely join the fight within it Avengers: Kang Dynasty Or, at the latest, Avengers: Secret Wars. However, they may appear earlier.based on Deadpool 3 Judging from the set photos, this 2024 MCU movie is expected to tell an X-Men story that spans the multiverse. If that’s the case, Deadpool may come face to face with Beast, Binary, and Monica at some point in his solo adventure, especially if the X-Men characters all hail from the same universe. That said, until Marvel confirms any characters from Marvel, that remains to be seen. Miracle will return to the MCU.

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