The Flash Movie Has To Break A Negative DC Universe Trailer Trend

After its groundbreaking Super Bowl trailer, Ezra Miller’s The Flash now needs to break with the age-old trend of negative DC Universe trailers.

speed If star Ezra Miller really wants to continue as a Speedster, it needs to break the negative trailer trend of the DC Universe. The film has been in the making for several years and is rich in content. Not only that, the DC Universe is currently undergoing a restructuring, with the old DCEU giving way to James Gunn and Peter Safran’s vision of DC’s future. That vision may or may not be Miller, depending on what is highly anticipated. speed In theaters this year.

The movie is said to be important because The Flash movie will reset the DC Universe – something Gunn mentioned when the first few projects in the new DCU were revealed. speed There will be pressure, not only to build a brand new DC Universe project, but also to overcome the negative tendencies of the old DCEU. The old DC universe has a bad reputation for having better trailers than the actual movies, and after the premiere of the spectacular Super Bowl trailer, speed This trend needs to be broken.

The DC Universe has a history of disappointing movie trailers

Ben Affleck's Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman stare at each other in front of a BvS . sign

Negative DC Universe Introduction Trends speed The need for a break has plagued DC movies for a while. Gunn’s suicide squad – The sequel/reboot of the original – actually delivered on the trailer’s promise, a feat that not many DC movies in recent history have been able to do. The 2011 film Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds kicked off DC’s trend of negative modern trailers, with movie trailers promising expansive adventures across the universe, and as a result the film caused much more disappointing.

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Then there’s a proper DCEU, a shared DC universe where characters can step into each other’s movies. However, despite a stunning trailer, the promise didn’t come true after a series of releases that failed at the box office and were critically acclaimed. steel man, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Great Woman 1984 And suicide squad They all strive to be memorable, but to varying degrees, none of them live up to the feel or scale of their marketing promises.

Why some movies of the DC universe don’t work as their trailers

Joker in front of the cast of Suicide Squad.

steel man The shared DC universe officially debuted in 2013, and the film’s first trailer gave a hopeful look at Superman. However, the finished film — and nearly every Henry Cavill appearance as Superman since then — chose to go a darker route with the character. Superman, who is said to be the hero of the Boy Scouts comics, defeats the evil Zod – who will return in the Flash movie – ending the film – breaking his neck, shocking everyone based on the trailer released. People form opinions about this movie.

Zack Snyder’s time at DC contributed largely to the studio’s negative trailer trend, with 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice The trailer promises that the film is an electronic product. The trailer features the return of Cavill’s Superman, who will go on to battle Ben Affleck’s Batman in the actor’s film debut as the Dark Knight. Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and Doomsday all appear in the trailer, but sadly, the film ends up being rather dull, tarnishing the public’s perception of the DC Universe. However, the demand for more “Snyder Universe” movies has not stopped, as the director has managed to attract a loyal fan base.

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2016 was also a very bad year for DC’s negative trailer trends, as it marked the debut of what is perhaps the biggest driver of bad practice: suicide squad. intro video suicide squad Presenting the film in a humorous/irrespectful way runs counter to director David Ayer’s darker vision. Worse still, false advertising led to an overhaul of the project, when DC management decided that editing the film to better fit the trailer would make it a success. However, it turns out that much of the problem with older DC Universe movies is with the studio having “too many chefs in the kitchen”.

Why The Flash Can Break The Negative DC Trailer Trend

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, the multiverse version of The Flash

speed Hopefully it won’t have the same problems, because DC seems to be finally on the right track after a while under Gunn’s guidance. The new co-CEO of DC Studios even openly stated that The Flash is “One of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seenThat high rating is bolstered by a movie that deals with the multiverse — a concept at the height of its popularity — throughout, pitting Miller’s Barry Allen against Ben Affleck and Michael Key. Don’s Batman, Sasha Kahler’s Supergirl, etc. With Gunn’s confidence, it seems speedThe trailer corrects DC’s mistakes and breaks the negative trend.

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