Swing Loops MOD APK (Unlimited items) 1.8.13

Swing Loops is a novelty game that has attracted millions of downloads across all platforms upon release. Not only that, the game also received a lot of positive feedback thanks to the interesting gameplay. This is an entertaining and relaxing game because it’s easy. Because the gameplay is not too picky and complicated, you can freely choose to conquer the challenges individually or in groups. This game is simulated based on the real world. Right from the start, you’ll love the highly detailed graphic design inspired by world building.

The player moves through a rotating mechanic and a complex simulated world for each vehicle. After entering the game, you can easily identify vehicles such as cars, motorbikes and buses. Even the game is designed so realistically that there are traffic jams. But the cool thing is that you don’t need to use them. This game challenges your dexterity as you have to move on skyscrapers. By switching the wires, you will be completely overwhelmed by the scenery that appears behind the house. Realistic design with eye-catching vibrant colors. If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to jump over skyscrapers, then this is the perfect parkour game for you.

Download Mod Swing Loops – skilled explosion of power and damage

At first sight, your eyes will immediately be attracted to the graphic with many vibrant colors. Here, even the characters you play are divided by color. The simulation world in the game will keep your mind in an endless loop. Here, you can do somersaults, throw ropes and go through buildings without walking. But at the same time, you have to be really smart because you can’t predict your speed. The higher the throw, the greater the chance of winning the reward. Players must calculate skillfully in each move. Because if you slip, you will lose your life.

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revolving robot

unique way to move

Throw the rope over the buildings, do somersaults in the air and finally land safely. The highly practical design allows you to turn left or right and still see your surroundings. You can do anything in this simulator world. Any activity like jumping, running, walking or stopping can be done at will while playing. Imagine yourself as Spider-Man and shoot ropes on fun rides. Especially the player can restart the infinite spin, even if they fall from ten floors, favored by the system.

apk rotation loop

Explore your limits in hundreds of levels

This is a level game with 11 levels each. Each story is an important sequence that helps you find the next spot. Players will be amazed at the new landscapes every time they pass the level. Each level is a new unique experience. Depending on the route, you will show off your skills and calculations. The fast paced and fast pace of the game leaves you no chance to get bored. This game is designed according to the virtual world model, and there will be many other players participating. So it’s a battle of thousands of pounds. Work with teammates to help each other through the levels. Or a solo player with super skills.

rotation mod apk

generous rewards

The game is designed to completely change the outfit of your chosen character. But remember to collect rewards along the way to redeem them. While collecting treasure, we come across colorful crystals or diamonds. They will benefit from buying clothes, skis, wings and boats. Note, however, that purchasing these supplies is also level-based. As you play, you will have the opportunity to double or triple the amount of treasure, sometimes even more. However, greed has its price. So watch the road.

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Swing Loops apk free

Classic features such as golden keys, diamonds, coins and other attractive bonuses are still maintained. Also, upgrade their shape. The game successfully evokes the feeling of conquest in players. The gameplay is simple and receptive, with eye-catching graphics and sounds in minutes. This is a collection of games that help relieve stress and kill time effectively. What are you waiting for? Get ready to travel the world with minifigures! Download the Swing Loops mod to compete in a whole new way of throwing.

Download Swing Loops MOD APK (Unlimited Items) for Android

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