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Talking Tom Hero Dash is a game that combines you with Tom and friends. They are no longer pets waiting for you to take care of them like they used to be. They are fighting the Raccoons, the bears are slowly destroying the city. Do not submit to the rule of the enemy. Tom and his friends plan to drive them out of the area. Talking Tom Hero Dash is an endless race where you need to avoid obstacles to not have to stop. Anyone in the character like Tom, Angela, Hank… can shine. Increase the power of the character so that the Bear Clan cannot expand their influence further. In this city need to repeat order.

Play fair with pandas on skyscrapers. You can definitely help Tom and your friends do it. We need to unite against evil and get rid of its existence. Players can run on the road, on the roof … make full use of the cats to complete the task. Although not an action game with bombing battles, Tom Hero Dash still attracts a lot of players. Accompany Tom in battles that require a lot of physical strength, move quickly and avoid traps.

Download Talking Tom Hero Dash mod – Tom and friends fight

From the moment you join the game, you will not have all the members. In fact, the little friends have been captured by the raccoon gang, and Tom will rescue them along the way. This war cannot be fought alone. The more teammates you have, the sooner you will reach your goal of chasing them. Don’t forget to collect coins along the way, it can help you do many other things. The enemy cannot last long, otherwise the city will be completely destroyed sooner or later. The gameplay in Talking Tom Hero Dash is all about running and combining attacks, avoiding obstacles, etc.

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urban revitalization

Besides chasing pandas and attacking them. You also have to restore and rebuild these places as they are polluted and destroyed everywhere. Actually, Tom has a very important mission in Talking Tom Hero Dash. Clear debris from your path and beautify everywhere you go. Locations are always changing and it can feel a bit overwhelming at times.

talk tom cat hero dash mod apk


Giant pandas are rampant, in fact, many places are already occupied by them. Talking Tom Hero Dash allows players to experience many locations such as beaches, temples… In addition, when role-playing, the character constantly moves on the roofs, cranes and cruise ships. You will have many different perspectives and experiences. Players can easily start from any side. Never bow to an enemy. Neither Tom, his friends nor the city will be safe if you abandon the quest.

character unlock

Hank, Angela, Jinnah and Ben are under the control of the Raccoons. So how can you reunite your friends, the only way is to go ahead and rescue them. Talking Tom Hero Dash is not a game where you go to the store to buy characters. Tom really matured when he shouldered the responsibility of freeing his friends. Different from your impression of this cat, it is cared for from food to sleep. With very cute faces but always carrying a brave spirit.

Download Talking Tom Cat Hero Dash Mod

The graphic style of Talking Tom Hero Dash is inspired by a location in China. You can easily see this if you are careful. The panda is also a symbol of the country. Players will be accompanied by Tom and his friends, who have decided not to live with the Coon Gang. We have suffered so much from this evil flood. Download Talking Tom Hero Dash mod to accompany players in an endless race with many new experiences.

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Download Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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