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Fight for the last chance of survival in the gunfight at SIX.A Raider Mission. You will join the arena and fight like a brave warrior. Competing with opponents everywhere is the ability to shoot. The opponents you meet in the gunfight are dungeon creatures and humans. Dungeon monsters appear with the intention of destroying everything, you need to protect the earth. And the villains you meet in the lake are the ones who want to take advantage of the battle and lose. Use your gun to enter the stadium to be the lone survivor.

The battlefield of this world has opened and many dangers await. You are a talented shooter and already know your world status. Monsters come out of the dungeon and use their power to destroy everything around them. And selfish people, because of greed, become cruel, attacking everything. Thus, the movement for world peace was born. You become the war commander and your shooting talent will prove it. Choose your companion and try to survive the shootout.

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You are the leader of the battle against the enemy for the safety of the world. Opponents that you need to destroy with guns in your hands are monsters and selfish people. Some dungeons won’t stop at spawning monsters to conquer humans. And some selfish people want to use war to get rich. You will fight against the common enemy of the world in many arenas. It could be a dungeon filled with monsters, or a deserted island overrun by villains. No matter what, you have to fight to the end with the gun in hand.

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open fire

Your battle for humanity with guns has begun when the enemies appear. They are selfish monsters and humans make war for their own ends. So you need to have the strategy of a gifted shooter and be flexible in battle. Your strategy should start with identifying opponents in the arena. If they are monsters, the gun you use must be strong enough to destroy them. If it’s a selfish enemy, you’ll have to shoot well to take it down quickly. The gun battle has broken out, let your warriors use strategy against the enemy.

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powerful car

The enemies you have to face include both cruel humans and countless monsters. You will need to equip yourself with powerful vehicles before all enemies overwhelm you. Against different opponents, you can also choose a variety of weapons to fight. Sniper rifles can help you fight effectively against opponents in the arena. Or you can use tanks to fight the most famous monsters. Dueling your opponents is not the right choice as they will keep showing up. Get on powerful vehicles and use your guns to destroy enemies in the world.

SIX.A Raider Mission mod apk

victory reward

You fight dungeons and human enemies to protect the peace. Any win against them will get you the winning bonus. However, to get through it all and reach your goal of relaxation, you have to get through it all. The battle mode before the enemy will give you the experience of a skilled shooter. The campaign will also train you to engage in combat with vehicles. The more arenas you win, the more bonuses the shooter gets. Use your gun to fight your opponents in the stadium and find your worthy reward.

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Strategy Mission SIX.A android 1

The survival arena opens for you to fight against human and monster enemies. Your adventure in the hall with a gun is not just for your life. The responsibility placed on the gunner’s shoulders is to destroy all enemies for the safety of the world. And you became the leader of the warriors in the arena and started the shootout. On your journey to eliminate threats to this world, you must acquire powerful vehicles. This battle also gives you well-deserved victory rewards as you win the survival. Download the SIX.A Raider Mission mod, become a gunfighter and fight for survival.

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