Sue Baker Passed Away At The Age Of 67

Sue Baker is known to many Top Gear viewers. She was a founding member of Top Gear, joining in 1980 and working as a TV presenter, writer, host and editor until 1991, appearing in over 100 practice. Baker died on November 14, 2016 at the age of 67, after a long battle with motor neuron disease (MND). According to a spokesman, Sue died at home, surrounded by family and friends.

Sue’s family released a statement following her death, praising her accomplishments as a respected creative writer and producer. According to the statement:

“She is a creative and prolific writer, an energetic host, and an avid animal lover who is loved and appreciated by all who know her.”

TG pays tribute to Sue Baker who streamed over 100 episodes of the original Top Gear →

— Top gear (@BBC_TopGear) November 15, 2022

Sue Baker died of motor neuron disease (MND)

Motor neuron disease (MND) is an uncommon disease that affects many parts of the nervous system, including the brain, over time. Although there is no cure for MND, therapies are available to help ease the burden of symptoms on daily living. Symptoms of the disease may come on gradually and be mild at first. Weak ankles and legs, slurred speech, weak grips, muscle spasms, and other symptoms are common.

A new study by experts at the University of Aberdeen has found that signs of MND can be identified in people about 14 years before symptoms appear. According to research, a particular protein that causes MND can be identified in the stomach years before it affects the brain and body. In addition, doctors were able to create a gene treatment that could correct a patient’s muscle weakness. Sue Baker died of motor neurone disease after a long battle, but it is not known when she was originally diagnosed. Survived by son and daughter Ian and Hannah, grandchildren George and Tom and daughter-in-law Lucy.

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Sue Baker is a well-known auto journalist.

Sue Baker was a pioneer in promoting women’s races. She was on Top Gear in a previous iteration on the BBC and was in for about 22 seasons, mostly evaluating new cars and giving road safety and consumer advice.

Sue Baker

After leaving the show in 1991, Baker pursued a career as a motorsports reporter, developing and managing the Motor Racing News Service at Brands Hatch motor racing center in Kent. She also served as the automotive editor at The Observer for more than 13 years until her resignation in 1995, and also freelanced for Saga magazine.

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