Star Wars Confirms Why Jedi Need an Order (Instead of Working Solo)

warning! This article contains spoilers Star Wars: The High Republic – Blade Runner #3 Even though the Jedi is one of the strongest warriors in the world Star Wars universe – believed to be matched only by the power of the Sith – a story that reveals that a lone Jedi is much more fragile than people think, confirming why they need an Order to survive in the galaxy and true Prosperity.

When Star Wars Fans are introduced to the idea of ​​Jedi Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, the Order has long since fallen, and the few remaining Jedi scattered and hid across the galaxy for their own safety. However, go back about two decades and the Jedi Society thrives across the galaxy, temporarily acting as a galactic police force in light of the Secession movement that led directly to the Clone Wars. . During the Clone Wars, many Jedi died fighting against something relatively weak like droid soldiers. However, where the Jedi often succeed in battle is not their individual strength, but their collective strength within the Jedi Order. If a Jedi is killed in battle, another will replace him in a nearly endless loop that leads to the ultimate Jedi victory (which is why Order 66 is so essential when they fall. ).

A lone Jedi vulnerable without their orders

exist Star Wars: The High Republic – Blade Runner #3 Written by Charles Soule, Marco Castiello, and Jethro Morales, the Jedi Council has deployed two Jedi Knights to a planet at war in the hopes that they can settle the situation and reach a peaceful resolution. jar. However, one side of the conflict is determined to conquer the other by any means necessary – and they know that the two Jedi must die to achieve this. However, mercenary leaders hired by the more belligerent faction to join the war warned their masters that killing the Jedi would not be easy – but not in the way one might expect. she speaks, “Killing a Jedi… is no small feat. One is easy, but you kill one and more are coming. In terms of numbers, they can be…challenging“.

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It can even be traced back to the prosperous times of the Republic Star Wars Canon (long before the Clone Wars), the Jedi’s enemies know that the human-centered strategy their organization has built makes them virtually invulnerable, but if alone, they was defeated “easily”. even more necessary in the present situation Star Wars continuous. At this point, Rey Skywalker is the only Jedi left, and it is assumed that she will scour the universe and find other Jedi to train with, thereby rebuilding the Organization, and thus, its strength. strength of the Jedi – because for now, Rey is the last, and the Jedi have never come close to extinction.

Evidence that the Jedi were weakened without the support of the Jedi Order following the cloning attack in Order 66 has been proven true. After the Order was crippled by the initial attack, Darth Vader and a select few of his men hunted down the remaining Jedi and killed nearly every one of them—if those Jedi were a larger part. organization, even Vader couldn’t do it. Star Wars The comics say directly what the Jedi have always been shown to be: they need orders, because working alone makes them vulnerable.

Star Wars: The High Republic – Blade Runner #3 is now available.

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